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Saturday, 09/30/17  (12 photos)Visit with Chelsey, Landon, Addie and Parker in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tuesday, 08/29/17  (38 photos)Summer Road Trip - Wyoming, Devils Tower to Colorado
Tuesday, 05/19/15  (17 photos)European Street with Landon and Chelsey
Video - Hibatchi and ice cream with Landon and Chelsey
Video - Eating lunch with Landon at European Street Cafe
Sunday, 05/17/15  (51 photos)Ichetucknee With Chelsey
Video - Ichentucknee Tubing - Photo Assistant
Video - Ichentucknee Tubing - Chelsey on a Tube #1
Video - Ichentucknee Tubing - Chelsey on a Tube #2
Video - Ichentucknee Tubing - Spider on a Rock
Video - Ichentucknee Tubing - Chelsey on a Tube #3
Video - Ichentucknee Tubing - Mark on a Tube
Saturday, 05/16/15 to Monday, 05/18/15  (81 photos)Landon's First Time Eating Hibachi
Video - Landon and I talking over items on the menu
Video - Chelsey catches some rice
Video - Landon watches the chef at the hibachi grill
Video - Landon eating ice cream and dancing
Video - Chelsey and Landon playing in the fountain
Friday, 11/04/11  (56 photos)Buck and Buck Point and European Street with Chelsey
Video - Hiking into Blunt Island with Chelsey
Video - Hiking out of Blunt Island and find the cactus
Wednesday, 11/02/11  (97 photos)Jacksonville Fair with Mark, Lissa, Chelsey, CJ and Christa
Video - First ride of the night
Video - Second ride of the night
Video - Third ride starts (Freak Out)
Video - Third ride of the night (Freak Out)
Video - Christa rides the Ferris Wheel
Video - Landon watches all the lights at the fair
Wednesday, 11/02/11  (12 photos)Chelsey and Landon Relaxing at the House
Video - Chelsey gives sitting dancing lessons
Tuesday, 10/25/11  (3 photos)Moon River with Lissa, Christa, Chelsey and Landon
Monday, 10/24/11  (9 photos)Landon and Chelsey Visit
Video - Landon walks around the living room talking
Saturday, 05/22/10  (15 photos)Cave of the Winds with Chelsey, Matt & Landon
Thursday, 05/20/10  (12 photos)Chicken Soup, German Chocolate Cake and Landon
Video - Landon smiles and yawns
Video - Landon falls asleep on my knee
Wednesday, 05/19/10  (28 photos)Garden of the Gods with Chelsey & Landon
Video - Garden of the Gods View
Tuesday, 05/18/10  (12 photos)Scrabble, Tacos and Landon's Hiccups
Video - Landon has the hiccups
Monday, 05/17/10  (23 photos)Babysitting Landon
Video - Landon Yawns
Video - Landon enjoys the pacifier
Sunday, 05/16/10  (10 photos)Landon Takes a Bath
Video - Landon takes a bath
Sunday, 05/16/10  (48 photos)Chelsey & Matt at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Video - Chelsey pets the giraffe
Video - Bears at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Video - Feeding the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Saturday, 05/15/10  (25 photos)Arriving in Colorado Springs with Chelsey & Matt
Video - Little Landon
Wednesday, 09/09/09 to Sunday, 09/13/09  (40 photos)Continuing the Alaskan Adventure
Video - A drive by Hippie town
Friday, 09/04/09 to Tuesday, 09/08/09  (88 photos)Alaska Trip to Visit Chelsey
Video - A small trail from a scenic spot on the way to Chena Hot Springs
Video - Headed to Chena Hot Springs
Monday, 01/05/09  (1 photos)Chelsey & Matthew's Wedding
Sunday, 11/09/08 to Monday, 11/10/08  (71 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Chelsey & Cayman
Video - A look around the lake
Video - Chelsey's making FIRE!
Video - Chelsey brings firewood to the fire
Thursday, 10/23/08  (3 photos)Hanging with Chelsey
Hung with Chelsey last night -- we went bowling (she kicked my butt the second game w/ a score of 184 to like 130). Then we went and ate sushi, stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and headed over and watched the movie "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". Really enjoyed the movie...and the company.
Tuesday, 09/23/08  (2 photos)An Evening with Chelsey
Hung out with Chelsey tonight. We did laundry, ate at European Street, she hung out with me at my work while I did geek stuff, and then we even got to experience late night (for me) shopping at Wal-Mart.
Friday, 06/27/08  (79 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Chelsey, Tyler, Luther, Justin and Cassie
A great day down the Itchetucknee river -- made even better by one heckuva rain storm, and some great grape and watermelon tossing contests. Best trip yet to Itche?
Video 1 of 8 [637k] : 080627_125058_P6271114.wmv
Video 2 of 8 [412k] : 080627_125216_P6271119.wmv
Video 3 of 8 [313k] : 080627_132559_LutherFalling.wmv
Video 4 of 8 [560k] : 080627_132827_ChelseyFalling.wmv
Video 5 of 8 [434k] : 080627_134850_P6271189.wmv
Video 6 of 8 [516k] : 080627_135110_P6271193.wmv
Video 7 of 8 [500k] : 080627_141724_P6271201.wmv
Video 8 of 8 [373k] : 080627_151039_LutherCatchingWatermelon.wmv
Monday, 06/09/08  (9 photos)Lissa's New Haircut and Dinner at Winghouse with Chelsey
Tuesday, 06/03/08  (2 photos)Lunch with Chelsey at Panera
Sunday, 05/11/08  (28 photos)Playing Games with Grandma Julia, Chelsey and Lissa
Played some Liar's Dice and then some Cranium with Lissa, Chelsey and Grandma. Fun times...
Video 1 of 5 [4.2m] : Jesus Loves the Little Children
Video 2 of 5 [3.8m] : This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
Video 3 of 5 [302k] : Potpourri -- backwards
Video 4 of 5 [209k] : Umbrella
Video 5 of 5 [401k] : Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Saturday, 05/10/08  (13 photos)Playing Games with Grandma Julia, Chelsey and Lissa
Some Zilch with Grandma Julia, Chelsey and Lissa
Sunday, 12/23/07 to Tuesday, 12/25/07  (58 photos)Christmas with Shayna, Mehdi, Lissa, Mark and Chelsey
Video 1 of 3 [544k] : Shayna playing on a seat
Video 2 of 3 [209k] : Shayna blows out her candle
Video 3 of 3 [621k] : Lissa plays her harmonica
Tuesday, 12/18/07 to Wednesday, 12/19/07  (71 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Chelsey
Chelsey and I took a day off and went out to Gold Head State Park and just relaxed, walked some trails and played lots of Zilch and Golf while listening to the birds, a turkey and the sounds of nature. Cayman didn't want to play cards and instead just scouting around and tried to make friends with all the forest animals.
Video - Chelsey eating an orange
Video - Stream on the trail
Friday, 10/26/07 to Sunday, 10/28/07  (90 photos)Shayna and Mehdi Visit from Atlanta GA
Video 1 of 6 [1.5m] : 071027_111026_MVI_2114.wmv
Video 2 of 6 [115k] : 071027_185714_MVI_2155.wmv
Video 3 of 6 [335k] : 071027_185742_MVI_2157.wmv
Video 4 of 6 [143k] : 071027_192636_MVI_2164.wmv
Video 5 of 6 [840k] : 071027_202308_MVI_2175.wmv
Video 6 of 6 [1.2m] : 071027_234150_MVI_2189.wmv
Sunday, 07/22/07  (13 photos)Ft Clinch in Fernandina w/ Chelsey and Keith & Lunch @ Angel's Porch Cafe
Chelsey and Keith joined us for a little outting with the doggies...all the way over to Fernandina and Ft Clinch. Both Cayman and Cusco loved running around on the beach while we searched for sharks teeth. It only rained a little, even with the thundering clouds overhead threating to ink us out of existance (they kinda went around us, thank goodness) I think I found only 6 teeth while Chelsey found at least 8 and Keith found 4. Before we left we stopped by and had a nice little lunch at Angel's Porch Cafe with some amazing Turtle Cheesecake for dessert.
Saturday, 07/07/07  (16 photos)Games with Lissa, Chelsey & Keith
Video 1 of 1 [1.1m] : Oh...Quack???
Thursday, 06/28/07  (30 photos)Chelsey's Flag Camp Finale
It was obvious that Chelsey worked really hard over the last two weeks at her Flag Camp...and I was very, very impressed (and a little misty-eyed).
Video - Chelsey in the 1st Flag Routine
Video - Chelsey and her 2nd Flag Routine
Video - Chelsey and her last Flag Routine
Saturday, 06/16/07  (33 photos)Family Games with Chelsey, Tyler and Dad
Dad (Grandpa Thompson) is hanging out with us for the weekend and we playing some Reindeer Games tonight with the Fam.
Video 1 of 5 [427k] : Cowboy is "So Cute"
Video 2 of 5 [2.4m] : Lissa draws "Heartburn"
Video 3 of 5 [3.4m] : Dad draws "Old Faithful"
Video 4 of 5 [2.3m] : Lissa tries to act out a "Clam"
Video 5 of 5 [748k] : Lissa hums, "My Humps"
Friday, 06/08/07 to Monday, 06/11/07  (34 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and On To Home
Wednesday, 06/06/07 to Friday, 06/08/07  (159 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Snow and the Grand Canyon
Monday, 06/04/07 to Tuesday, 06/05/07  (232 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Teepees, Bryce Canyon and Hoodoos
Monday, 06/04/07  (99 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Scouts Landing at Zion
Sunday, 06/03/07  (104 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Canyoneering near Zion
Saturday, 06/02/07  (163 photos)Venture Crew 595 - The Narrows at Zion
Friday, 06/01/07 to Saturday, 06/02/07  (12 photos)Venture Crew 595 - To Nevada and Zion
Video 1 of 1 [974k] : Chelsey still asleep on the wall
Sunday, 05/27/07  (40 photos)Helping Brandon Harris with his Eagle Project at Fort Caroline
This afternoon Chelsey and I went over to help out Brandon Harris with his Eagle Project which was cleaning up the coast line at Fort Caroline Monument. We removed several, several bags of trash as well and several truck loads worth of old wood that had washed up on the shore. All in all, a very worthy project!
Thursday, 05/24/07  (26 photos)Venture Crew 595 Bowling
The crew went bowling last night at Bowl America. Thanks to Andy and the managers there, they donated the cost of 2 games and shoes. Thanks Bowl America!
Video 1 of 2 [740k] : Michael bowling...
Video 2 of 2 [708k] : Brian and Elica do the wave
Tuesday, 05/22/07  (50 photos)Chelsey Visits the Cummer Art Museum and Gardens
Thursday, 05/03/07  (4 photos)Cold Stone with Chelsey
Wednesday, 05/02/07  (40 photos)Family Date Night (Poker Night!)
Video 1 of 7 [2m] : A round of poker
Video 2 of 7 [912k] : Chelsey throws a raisin to Lissa
Video 3 of 7 [341k] : Lissa throws a raisin to Chelsey
Video 4 of 7 [779k] : Playing Low Ball and Chelsey folds
Video 5 of 7 [2.2m] : Chelsey explains the rules of her game
Video 6 of 7 [2.1m] : Final Game -- All or nothing (worst hand loses)
Video 7 of 7 [2.1m] : Chelsey's feelings on winning the pot
Tuesday, 04/24/07  (20 photos)Family Date Night (Golfing and Smokey Bones)
Video 1 of 3 [662k] : Chelsey hitting the ball to the right
Video 2 of 3 [951k] : Mark taking a swing
Video 3 of 3 [2.5m] : Chelsey trying not to hurt herself
Wednesday, 04/04/07  (2 photos)Chelsey's Operators Drivers License
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