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Saturday, 08/07/21 to Tuesday, 08/10/21  (135 photos)Visiting Tyler, Grace, Norah, Clark and Marci with Grandma Julia in Illinois
Wednesday, 12/06/17  (2 photos)Tyler, Grace and Norah's 2017 Christmas Card
Friday, 09/01/17 to Sunday, 09/03/17  (49 photos)Summer Road Trip - Illinois with Tyler, Grace and Norah
Tuesday, 08/29/17  (1 photos)Norah Lynn Thompson is Born
Friday, 05/05/17 to Tuesday, 05/09/17  (130 photos)Trip to Illinois to See Tyler and Grace
Friday, 09/16/16 to Tuesday, 09/20/16  (21 photos)Tyler and Grace's Wedding Reception
Wednesday, 02/26/14 to Sunday, 03/02/14  (100 photos)Trip to Illinois with Christa to See Tyler
Thursday, 09/08/11 to Monday, 09/12/11  (206 photos)Illinois Trip to See Tyler with CJ
Video - Illinois Trip to See Tyler with CJ
Friday, 08/06/10 to Saturday, 08/07/10  (16 photos)Last Day in Tennessee and Driving Home
Video - Cayman runs around Grandma Julia's Yard
Video - Rain on the way home from Tennessee
Thursday, 08/05/10  (35 photos)AT - Hiking to Laurel Falls with Mom and Tyler
Video - Mom, Tyler and I relax on a bridge after hiking to Laurel Falls, TN
Wednesday, 08/04/10  (29 photos)Linville Falls and Hawksbill Mountain Hike
Video - Driving to Hawksbill Mountain with Tyler
Video - Arriving to the top of Hawksbill Mountain
Tuesday, 08/03/10  (29 photos)Blue Hole at Stoney Creek, Tennessee
Monday, 08/02/10  (47 photos)Bridge Jump and Baby Falls in Tellico Plains
Video - Mark Jumps into the Tellico River
Video - Tyler shows how to cross Baby Falls
Video - Tyler jumps off of Baby Falls at Tellico Plains
Sunday, 08/01/10 to Monday, 08/02/10  (45 photos)Cummins Falls, TN with Tyler and Cayman
Saturday, 07/31/10  (31 photos)Grandfather Mountain and Elk River Falls
Video - Mark falling off of Elk River Falls, Tennessee
Video - Mark and Tyler following the trail downstream at Elk River
Video - Mark and Tyler search for a bigger falls on Elk River
Video - Cayman goes bouncy bouncy while exploring at Elk River
Thursday, 07/29/10 to Friday, 07/30/10  (25 photos)Sumter Forest Camping, Tennessee and Tyler's Arrival
Sunday, 07/20/08  (9 photos)Hanging out w/ Ballpark while Tyler Cooks Dinner
We went over to Ballpark's and Tyler cooked us up some mean Swiss Mushroom Burgers, with a side salad of arrugula and salmon. An awesome combination. Heck, I didn't even have room for dessert.
Thursday, 07/17/08 to Saturday, 07/19/08  (81 photos)Venture Crew 595 Kayak trip to 10,000 Island Part II
Video - Justin puts on lipstick
Video - Kayaking in East River
Video - The view of the Gulf of Mexico from Panther Key
Friday, 07/11/08  (25 photos)Camping out at AT&T for the new iPhone 3G with Tyler and Friends
So, the new iPhone was released on 7/11/08...a major international event. Did I want the new iPhone? Of course! Was I wanting to camp out in line for it? Nope. Tyler, however thought it be cool to do, so I said, "What the heck, we'll do it."

So we started telling out friends about what we were going to do: "At midnight on Friday morning (Thursday night) we're going to go up to the AT&T store and set up camp and wait in line...even if there isn't one."

Luther, "Uh....ok."

"Wanna go with us?" We inquired?

"Sure, what the heck." He quickly responded.

And from there it grew. Justin joined in, quickly followed by Cody and Alejandro.

It was 8 hours of ... fun? We did have fun, and it was memorable. Especially the next day when we all got VERY little sleep (well, Luther and I got very little sleep...everyone else I'm sure was zonked out).

We did the Diet Coke and mentos experiment. We broke some curbs, toes and shopping carts (and flew like a led zepplin).

We drank Mt Dew, made 2am and 4am runs to the gas station for doritos and doughnuts. We joked, got dr pepper all over us (or at least Justin did), slept on the ground, in chairs and yes, we were the only ones there.

At least until 4am. That's when #2 arrived. Then at 4:45am #3, followed quickly by #4, #5 on up to #50 or more. And yes, I was the first one in the store and was even questioned by the Channel 4 News person. The cameras were rolling, and the boys were in hog heaven. Luther played guitar for the crowds (without lyrics) and everyone was, well, estatic.

At 8:30am I walked out of the store a proud, happy, joyful new iPhone 3G owner. Was it worth the wait? Actually, yes. Was I tired? No, not really. More than 27 hours of no sleep, I was actually quite fine BECAUSE I had this spiffy new phone in my hands. Do I realize I'm a complete geek? Most definitely. No doubts about it.
Video - Justin holds a finger in a 2 liter of Diet Coke filled with Mentos
Video - Justin tries to drop mentos into a diet coke 2 liter
Video - Newscast of iPhone Campout
Thursday, 07/10/08  (78 photos)Venture Crew 595 Meeting and Putt Putt Golf at Adventure Landing
Video 1 of 2 [763k] : 080710_191340_MVI_4152.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [280k] : 080710_193250_MVI_4160.wmv
Tuesday, 07/08/08  (5 photos)Guitar Lesson with Tyler (from Jeremy Baker)
Video 1 of 2 [6.9m] : 080708_182248_MVI_4131.mp4
Video 2 of 2 [5.4m] : 080708_182450_MVI_4132.mp4
Monday, 07/07/08  (7 photos)Panera and a little Magic The Gathering
Stopped by Panera for dindin then came home and played a little Magic: The Gathering with Tyler.
Sunday, 07/06/08  (25 photos)Playing D&D with Tyler, Justin, Steven, Ashley, Cody & Matt
Video 1 of 2 [758k] : 080706_132420_MVI_4101.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [1.2m] : 080706_135524_MVI_4102.wmv
Saturday, 07/05/08  (9 photos)Sealing and Painting the Shed with Tyler and Dad
Sunday, 06/29/08  (11 photos)Fishing the Jetties with Dad, Lissa, Tyler, Cayman and Cusco
Went out fishing at the jetties -- but got there at dead low tide and there was NO action at all. So we baked for a few hours and then decided to hit the a/c and enjoy the refreshments of a rather nice restaurant off of Atlantic Blvd (can't think of the name right now).
Friday, 06/27/08  (79 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Chelsey, Tyler, Luther, Justin and Cassie
A great day down the Itchetucknee river -- made even better by one heckuva rain storm, and some great grape and watermelon tossing contests. Best trip yet to Itche?
Video 1 of 8 [637k] : 080627_125058_P6271114.wmv
Video 2 of 8 [412k] : 080627_125216_P6271119.wmv
Video 3 of 8 [313k] : 080627_132559_LutherFalling.wmv
Video 4 of 8 [560k] : 080627_132827_ChelseyFalling.wmv
Video 5 of 8 [434k] : 080627_134850_P6271189.wmv
Video 6 of 8 [516k] : 080627_135110_P6271193.wmv
Video 7 of 8 [500k] : 080627_141724_P6271201.wmv
Video 8 of 8 [373k] : 080627_151039_LutherCatchingWatermelon.wmv
Wednesday, 06/18/08 to Sunday, 06/22/08  (223 photos)Venture Crew 595 Tennessee Trip (Whitewater, Caving & Volleyball)
Wow! What a trip! Just look at the photos to realize what a cool time we had!
Video 1 of 4 [692k] : 080619_165630_MVI_3990.wmv
Video 2 of 4 [1.3m] : 080621_121038_P6210957.wmv
Video 3 of 4 [615k] : 080621_181910_MVI_4046.wmv
Video 4 of 4 [2.4m] : 080621_182038_MVI_1884.wmv
Saturday, 06/30/07 to Sunday, 07/01/07  (8 photos)Rain Gutter for Driveway Project w/ Tyler & Dad
Here's a project that was solely created in order to keep the sand out of the driveway, since normally when it rained it would flood the parking area and bring the sand over with it. All in all, it turned out very successful! Oh yeah, and with all the effort and help that Tyler donated to the project, it earned him a shiny new skateboard!
Video 1 of 1 [1.8m] : When the rain comes down...
Saturday, 06/23/07  (8 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Tyler and Cassie
We headed out to Itchetucknee Springs (our at least once annual visit)...unfortunately I couldn't find my water camera (since I just moved my office around), so I took very few photos. I only went down the 1 1/2 hour tour once, but the kids were more adventurous and went down a second time (while I took a nap in the car). All in all, a great day!
Sunday, 06/17/07  (23 photos)Tyler Making a Diet Dr Pepper Can Launcher
Video 1 of 13 [3m] : 1st attempt at a launch
Video 2 of 13 [779k] : 1st Sucessful Launch
Video 3 of 13 [1.2m] : Tyler picks up a hot can
Video 4 of 13 [2.9m] : Tyler explans how to do a launch
Video 5 of 13 [958k] : Launch (3 feet)
Video 6 of 13 [2.6m] : Tyler starts explaining, but has a bent can (it stll launches)
Video 7 of 13 [693k] : Launch Fail #1
Video 8 of 13 [763k] : Launch Fail #2
Video 9 of 13 [638k] : Launch Fail #3
Video 10 of 13 [896k] : Launch Successful!
Video 11 of 13 [474k] : Flaming Tennis Ball!
Video 12 of 13 [154k] : Night Launch #1 (1 foot)
Video 13 of 13 [505k] : Night Launch #2 (2 foot)
Saturday, 06/16/07  (33 photos)Family Games with Chelsey, Tyler and Dad
Dad (Grandpa Thompson) is hanging out with us for the weekend and we playing some Reindeer Games tonight with the Fam.
Video 1 of 5 [427k] : Cowboy is "So Cute"
Video 2 of 5 [2.4m] : Lissa draws "Heartburn"
Video 3 of 5 [3.4m] : Dad draws "Old Faithful"
Video 4 of 5 [2.3m] : Lissa tries to act out a "Clam"
Video 5 of 5 [748k] : Lissa hums, "My Humps"
Friday, 06/08/07 to Monday, 06/11/07  (34 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and On To Home
Wednesday, 06/06/07 to Friday, 06/08/07  (159 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Snow and the Grand Canyon
Monday, 06/04/07 to Tuesday, 06/05/07  (232 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Teepees, Bryce Canyon and Hoodoos
Monday, 06/04/07  (99 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Scouts Landing at Zion
Sunday, 06/03/07  (104 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Canyoneering near Zion
Saturday, 06/02/07  (163 photos)Venture Crew 595 - The Narrows at Zion
Friday, 06/01/07 to Saturday, 06/02/07  (12 photos)Venture Crew 595 - To Nevada and Zion
Video 1 of 1 [974k] : Chelsey still asleep on the wall
Thursday, 05/31/07  (5 photos)Tyler's Home for the Summer & Pirate's Dice
Tyler arrived home on a 4:40pm flight from Illinois -- of course he's going to turn around and head out to Utah with us tomorow evening, but that didn't stop us from playing several games of Pirate's Dice (after the Movie Pirates of the Carribean and kinda like Liar's Dice).
Friday, 04/06/07 to Sunday, 04/08/07  (68 photos)Easter in Tennessee with Mom and Tyler
Video - Snowing in Johnson City, TN Spring 2007
Video - Driving up to Carver's Gap, TN Spring 2007
Video - Snowing on 1st day of Sprint at Carver's Gap Spring 2007
Video 4 of 7 [1.5m] : Tyler coming down the hill
Video 5 of 7 [1.3m] : Tyler almost running into a car
Video 6 of 7 [1.6m] : Tyler going down the hill again
Video 7 of 7 [1.7m] : Tyler's tumble on the skateboard
Sunday, 12/31/06  (60 photos)New Years Eve Guesstures, Friends & Cayman
Saturday, 12/30/06  (10 photos)Paintball Brothers, Cold Stone & Projects
Saturday, 07/29/06  (7 photos)Visiting Grandpa Thompson with Tyler
Thursday, 07/27/06  (9 photos)Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment w/ Tyler
Video 1 of 3 [2.2m] : 060727_170404_MVI_3320.wmv
Video 2 of 3 [445k] : 060727_171436_MVI_3321.wmv
Video 3 of 3 [582k] : 060727_171502_MVI_3325.wmv
Saturday, 07/22/06  (77 photos)Riding the Go Karts w/ Venture Friends
Video 1 of 3 [703k] : 060722_110920_MVI_3204.wmv
Video 2 of 3 [203k] : 060722_110944_MVI_3205.wmv
Video 3 of 3 [192k] : 060723_145828_MVI_3276.wmv
Thursday, 07/20/06  (47 photos)Swimming with Tyler, Lissa, Matt & Cassie at Betsy's
Video 1 of 15 [483k] : 060720_195410_IMGP0447.wmv
Video 2 of 15 [461k] : 060720_195520_IMGP0448.wmv
Video 3 of 15 [439k] : 060720_195546_IMGP0449.wmv
Video 4 of 15 [851k] : 060720_195622_IMGP0450.wmv
Video 5 of 15 [516k] : 060720_195640_IMGP0451.wmv
Video 6 of 15 [1.5m] : 060720_195700_IMGP0452.wmv
Video 7 of 15 [549k] : 060720_195736_IMGP0453.wmv
Video 8 of 15 [1.9m] : 060720_195754_IMGP0454.wmv
Video 9 of 15 [758k] : 060720_195832_IMGP0455.wmv
Video 10 of 15 [796k] : 060720_195854_IMGP0456.wmv
Video 11 of 15 [725k] : 060720_200416_IMGP0466.wmv
Video 12 of 15 [2.2m] : 060720_200448_IMGP0467.wmv
Video 13 of 15 [2.1m] : 060720_200538_IMGP0468.wmv
Video 14 of 15 [1.2m] : 060720_200628_IMGP0469.wmv
Video 15 of 15 [626k] : 060720_201202_IMGP0472.wmv
Wednesday, 07/19/06 to Friday, 07/21/06  (16 photos)Batting Cages with Tyler and Lissa
Video 1 of 2 [1.6m] : 060719_182526_MVI_3126.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [1.2m] : 060719_182728_MVI_3129.wmv
Tuesday, 07/18/06  (73 photos)Venture Crew 595 Meeting @ Adventure Landing
Friday, 07/14/06 to Saturday, 07/15/06  (87 photos)Puerto Rico Day 8 & 9 - El Yunque Trails & Old San Juan
Video 1 of 2 [1.2m] : Clouds passing by in El Yunque
Video 2 of 2 [1m] : More clouds passing by in El Yunque
Thursday, 07/13/06  (80 photos)Puerto Rico Day 7 - Hang gliding in El Yunque
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