Thursday, 12/27/07 to Friday, 12/28/07  (48 photos)Survival Trip to Big Cypress w/ Friends a.k.a. Everglades Excursion
So, our Epic Trip to the Everglades wasn't quite so epic as we thought it would be. Wed: After hiking about 9 miles through Big Cypress National Preserve for food we encountering nothing worthy of noting except for minnows and swamp cabbage. We cooked up the minnows and cabbage and had a not-so-tasty dinner. We even tried our hand at fishing in the pristine lakes around us at dusk to see if we could encourage a fish to take a bit. No luck. Around 8pm we all settled down for sleep taking shifts watching the fire. At midnight or so we were all awake, not able to sleep for an unknown reason (that we labled as boredom). We went out and looked around hoping to find some kind of wildlife that would give us hope that the next day would not be a repeat of the first. We found no such hope. After mulling around the decision to abandon the trip due to lack of excitement for over 2 hours, we finally made the decision to pack up and hike out at around 2am. So, though no one wanted to admit defeat (except for Luther and I), boredom itself became the one thing really defeated us. We were confident that we could, if required, eat swamp cabbage and minnows every day. But the question was, who the heck really wanted to? We have learned that the "thrill of the hunt" is only valid as long as there is actually something to hunt. Seriously, I don't know if we just were in the wrong place or what, but we even go to the point where travelling safely wasn't even a concern -- because we KNEW there wasn't a damn thing out there to kill (or be killed by). Now, having said that, I'm sure that if we were in a different area of the swamp (like the one we originally planned on going to), that we could have encountered more wildlife, but definitely not where we currently were. So, we're home, we're safe and we're relaxing while drinking Mt Dew.
Video - Everglades Excursion - Where to now?
Video - Everglades Excursion - A peek around our camp area
Video - Everglades Excursion - I can see miles and miles and miles ... of cypress swamp
Video - Everglades Excursion - Walking in the middle of the night...
Video - Everglades Excursion - Are we lost?
Monday, 12/24/07 to Tuesday, 12/25/07  (6 photos)Building a Mailbox Frame with Mehdi
Sunday, 12/23/07 to Tuesday, 12/25/07  (58 photos)Christmas with Shayna, Mehdi, Lissa, Mark and Chelsey
Video 1 of 3 [544k] : Shayna playing on a seat
Video 2 of 3 [209k] : Shayna blows out her candle
Video 3 of 3 [621k] : Lissa plays her harmonica
Saturday, 12/22/07  (8 photos)Dinner at Mary and Peter's House
Had a great time talking about camping, kayaking, fishing and lots of fun stuff...REALLY enjoyed Mary's ceviche! In fact, we took most of it home with us for breakfast tomorrow morning.
Tuesday, 12/18/07 to Wednesday, 12/19/07  (71 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Chelsey
Chelsey and I took a day off and went out to Gold Head State Park and just relaxed, walked some trails and played lots of Zilch and Golf while listening to the birds, a turkey and the sounds of nature. Cayman didn't want to play cards and instead just scouting around and tried to make friends with all the forest animals.
Video - Chelsey eating an orange
Video - Stream on the trail
Friday, 12/14/07 to Sunday, 12/16/07  (96 photos)Venture Crew 595 Camping at Little Talbot Island
Video - Justin throwing a castnet
Video - Cayman swimming in the water
Video - Brian castnetting
Video - Luther playing guitar and singing
Video - Starting a fire to cook some mullet
Video - Cooking fish. No, they're cooking fail.
Video - Justin playing his character that's 7 inches tall
Video - Matt gets stuck in the swampy mud
Friday, 11/09/07 to Saturday, 11/10/07  (17 photos)Kayak Fishing Campout at Princess Place Preserves
A great weekend of fishing, relaxing by the campfire, many games of Zilch with fishing and non-fishing buddies. Oh yeah, and I won the Fishing Trophy once again!
Friday, 10/26/07 to Sunday, 10/28/07  (90 photos)Shayna and Mehdi Visit from Atlanta GA
Video 1 of 6 [1.5m] : 071027_111026_MVI_2114.wmv
Video 2 of 6 [115k] : 071027_185714_MVI_2155.wmv
Video 3 of 6 [335k] : 071027_185742_MVI_2157.wmv
Video 4 of 6 [143k] : 071027_192636_MVI_2164.wmv
Video 5 of 6 [840k] : 071027_202308_MVI_2175.wmv
Video 6 of 6 [1.2m] : 071027_234150_MVI_2189.wmv
Saturday, 10/20/07 to Sunday, 10/21/07  (33 photos)Venture Crew 595 Campout at Huguenot Park
Tuesday, 10/02/07  (43 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail in the Rain
While picking up Elicia and Thomas Buchanan I called Ms. McGough and explained the following: "I'm standing outside. The sky is opening letting through some light and the rain has ceased." It was amazing! It was joyful! It was...temporary. By the time we got over to the start location the sky had closed back up and the rain was pouring down harder than ever. I could barely see the car next to me through the rain (the foggy windows didn't help either). Luckily the lightning and thunder had all passed over us before that whole sky opening and closing episode, leaving us worry free. After sitting in the car for a while trying to decide whether we were really going to do trail or not, Justin, Luther and Randy got out of their respective cars and started playing Frisbee in the hurricane-like rain. Well, that settles it. If they're willing to get wet, then I should too. Because of the rain, and knowing that the flour would last .2 seconds on the ground, I was really worried about the pack getting lost on trail and decided to do an A to A trail (that means the end is also the beginning of trail). Hopefully no one will get lost that way. At around 6:45pmish we headed off into the distance while the rain pounded down around us. We were soaked to the bone before we even took our first step on trail. The pack was told to wait 7 minutes and then come after us. There were three or so water crossings. The first one was only knee deep, but scary none-the-less since it was reed-filled and squishy all over. I screamed like a little girl and fell down in the water thrashing in an attempt to scare my co-hare -- it worked! Yea! The second water crossing was crazy deep because of all the rain water. It was where two water channels intersected and the main channel was flowing like a raging river, swollen with all the run-off. Normally it's only waist deep, but I found out while trying to cross that, holding a bag of flour in one hand and doing the doggy paddle with the other, it was indeed more than neck deep (as I couldn't touch bottom while treading water w/ one hand). It didn't help that trying to swim this relatively small crossing I was getting attacked by raspberry bushes. Luckily (not for me, but everyone behind me), I pulled them all out of the way by delicately hooking them into my skin and pulling them out by the roots. Not on purpose of course, but I'd like to think it was. The third and final crossing was only chest deep, but by this time I neither wanted to find out nor be fooled once again, so I just swam across. The end...well, so we thought it was. We circled back on trail and ended where we started at. What do we see when we get there? Everyone running around in circles look for....trail. Ha! They only made it two marks and then got lost it in the deluge of water streaming from the sky. Not to have a trail wasted, we had them follow us, picking up the trail where they found none, while every so often p
Sunday, 09/16/07  (23 photos)A Visit to the Dog Park with Lissa, Ballpark, Cayman & Cusco
Saturday, 09/15/07  (78 photos)Jax Hash #4 w/ Lissa & Cayman (Trail by Randy & Tom)
Randy and I started scouting a trail around 9am Saturday morning. We had planned on being down around noon, and were already running a little behind just because of all the banana spiders. We litteraly saw a hundred or more. Randy even knocked down at least 50 of those 100. Trail was, for the most part, extremely easy. No water since it had all dried up (hope it returns). Back to that "plan on being down around 12pm", as it turns out, Randy forgot the keys to his car (the car that we parked at the END OF TRAIL so that we wouldn't have to walk all the way back the almost 3 miles). Oh yeah, that's 3 miles via the trail (which I think is actually shorter than the roads to take back). So, keys are back and Randy says he'll run back to my car and come back and pick me up. Yeah, in this heat? GO FOR IT. Well, that only lasted about half a mile, then he was walking, but now just ahead of me. I layed back somwhere looking like a bum and waited for the ride. Anyway, after picking up Lissa and heading to the Hash start there was a big accident on the Dames Point Bridge that tied us up for more than an hour. I called Randy and told him to hare without me and go with Tom instead. So, now I get to run the trail with Lissa and Cayman! Yea! Trail was GREAT (but better second time around when we took something with us to drink). And it was just great to hang out with the people from the Hash and also watch Cayman be the great little hasher dog that he is (he LOVES trails). After trail we headed on over to the local bar/eatery and ate some wings and played some new game that we really, really sucked at. Thanks to Randy and Victoria, who gave us our only two wins of the night!
Video 1 of 4 [505k] : The group at the beverage check
Video 2 of 4 [1m] : Trail from Cayman's perspective
Video 3 of 4 [412k] : Cayman cools off in a creek
Video 4 of 4 [242k] : Lissa plays a new game...
Monday, 09/10/07  (13 photos)Fire in the Backyard and Cayman & Cusco
Video - Watching the fire burn...
Saturday, 09/08/07  (41 photos)Little Tommy, Claudette, Jessica and Kali
Sunday, 08/19/07 to Monday, 08/20/07  (57 photos)Kennedy Space Center w/ Ballpark & Anna
We took off to New Symrna Beach for an evening filled with lounging and relaxing at the pool, an interesting meal at a local restaurant and a great ice cream cookie to finish the evening. Then we awoke bright and early so we could head on down to the Kennedy Space Center (after getting a little sidetracked by my work)....and made it there promptly at 12:30pm. We got to do the Shuttle Launch Simulation, watch an awesome IMAX Movie about space exploration and talk to a real live astronaut. Great stuff!
Saturday, 08/18/07  (40 photos)Murder Mystery Dinner w/ Jen & Friends
An evening filled with "Who dunnit" type questions. Murder, mystery and mayhem...an evening that can't be beat. When are we doing the next one?!?!?
Wednesday, 08/15/07 to Saturday, 08/18/07  (64 photos)Lissa's Visit with Shayna in Atlanta, GA
Wednesday, 08/15/07  (15 photos)Kayak Fishing with Jason and Rick Byer at Simpsons Creek
I skipped work yesterday to take a few friends (Rick and Jason) fishing out at Simpsons creek. I started off rather slow while at the top of high tide Rick and Jason thought they caught a "shark". I pulled up and identified a catfish. They said, "Great! Can we keep him?" (1st photo) A few more of those and then Rick pulled out something else. I honestly don't know what it is but thought it was in the Grouper family??? Can someone identify this? (2nd photo) Then we started picking up some rat reds, always fun, especially for the first-time yakkers. Then Jason pulled up something I hadn't ever seen before. I'm guessing it was a eel-snake-thingy? (3rd photo) Heading further North (almost to the Sound) and I pick up a few Lady fish -- never truly landing them, but watching them jump each a few times before finally shaking off the hook. Then, while in the Sound Jason and I both pick up a flounder -- again, each of us getting the shake-off just as it's about to come in the boat. Then, just before the Sound opens up to the ocean, I get the weirdest thing: A little bump, pause 2 seconds then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I tighten up the drag a bit and start reeling in and, "TINK!" Broken line. I sat a bit dazed, staring at the water in disbelief. The biggest thing I ever catch and my line breaks. And of course, I know it's my own fault for the drag being so tight. I think, well, what's the harm in trying to see if I get another hit (the ever-optimistic fisherman). I set up again, and throw back in. Dragging over the same spot I feel a bump and 2 seconds later, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I'm trying to reel in with no effect (since the drag is so loose). I tighten up just a tiny bit and "Tink!". Ok, now I'm pissed. Two bites like that in a row and I lose them both? I know how to deal! I tie on a steal 12" leader, reposition and throw back in. Over the same spot and .. zzz zzzzzzzz zzz zzzzzzz. I work him up to the top and it's a little 12" Jack Crevalle. He's fun, but he's not what hit the first two times. I throw him back in and reposition. A few more minutes pass and I get a bump and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz. Woo Hoo!!!! I'm in business now! This time I follow him around in order to reel in the slack (since the drag is set so loose)...and finally bring him to where I can make out what he is. Bonnethead shark! About 3 feet long! I work him for another 5 minutes or so (could have been less/longer...lose track of time w/ fish on). My friend is along side me and is trying to get him in the net (but is worried about getting bitten). And, of course, sharky doesn't like the net and does several runs until finally, "Tink!" (thread broke) Not to be discouraged (although Jason and Rick are now telling me to give it up)...I tie on a new steel leader and reposition. They go out to play in the breakers and I throw back in. Thirty minutes or so later (after they’ve gone and
Video 1 of 2 [522k] : Rick makes his first (ever) cast
Video 2 of 2 [99k] : Rick pulls in a catfish
Monday, 08/13/07  (8 photos)Dinner w/ Ballpark and Anna
Lissa went over and hung out with Anna while they had a "Jewelry Making Day", then Ballpark and I got off work and joined them for some AWESOME Italian dinner and some Liar's Dice. Fun, fun!
Tuesday, 08/07/07  (88 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail by Luther and Thomas
Tonight was one of the best trails I've been on in quite some time. Three water crossings (good mucky stuff), less than 4 miles, briars, sticker bushes, lots of intersections and even a little rural interaction... We also had ice cream treats at the end of trail as well as some pizza donated by April Buchanan. (THANKS!!!) GREAT TRAIL!
Video 1 of 3 [472k] : Rick, how'd you do?
Video 2 of 3 [835k] : Through some weeds
Video 3 of 3 [588k] : Finally water crossing (time to swim!)
Friday, 08/03/07 to Sunday, 08/05/07  (63 photos)Venture Crew 595 Extreme Kayak Camping Trip to Sapelo Island
We went out with the Venturers over to Sapelo Island, GA. We first put in on Friday afternoon with only mild rain from Darien, GA and paddled over to Queens Island, GA. That's when we discovered that our "preferred" island to camp on had very few camping spots (was mostly covered by marsh). That and the few camping spots that were available was covered by oyster beds (not good for bottom of tents). So, off to Wolf Island we went. Wolf Island, however, is not that friendly. The big "ENTRY PROHIBITED" signs told us about their disposition on visiters. So, on over to Sapelo Island we went! Sapelo Island has a BEAUTIFUL, clean beach. We decided to camp on it for the night, and around 1:30am had to get out of our tents and move out kayaks and tents due to the high tide coming in (it came in a total of 100+ feet). The next morning we awoke, watched a Logger Head turtle get released into the wild from some UGA students, broke camp and then paddled up the island North-bound towards a reported pavilion and fresh-water showers. After taking a few dips (tumbled a few times in the kayak cause Lissa and I were playing in the waves), we arrived at the pavilion and camped out there for the rest of the day and through the night. Next morning we woke up around 7:30amish...cleaned up and headed on out. After a quick 13 miles back to the landing, we loaded up and headed on back to Jax after stopping by Waffle House and enjoying a nice cold Cherry Coke. Great trip!
Saturday, 07/28/07  (8 photos)Kayak Fishing at Simpson Creek
We headed back out to Simpson Creek (Kayak Amelia) and did our thing once again. I ended up catching a few rat reds then a nice 21" fattie. I thought I had my trophy secure with that one...but, Lissa managed to pull out a beautiful 23" red herself, besting my points and winning back her trophy for the week. Now let's see what happens next week in Georgia!
Video 1 of 1 [340k] : Here comes the rain again...
Sunday, 07/22/07  (13 photos)Ft Clinch in Fernandina w/ Chelsey and Keith & Lunch @ Angel's Porch Cafe
Chelsey and Keith joined us for a little outting with the doggies...all the way over to Fernandina and Ft Clinch. Both Cayman and Cusco loved running around on the beach while we searched for sharks teeth. It only rained a little, even with the thundering clouds overhead threating to ink us out of existance (they kinda went around us, thank goodness) I think I found only 6 teeth while Chelsey found at least 8 and Keith found 4. Before we left we stopped by and had a nice little lunch at Angel's Porch Cafe with some amazing Turtle Cheesecake for dessert.
Saturday, 07/21/07  (16 photos)Sean and Tom's Birthday Party (and a quick Hi to AJ)
We stopped by Sean's place for a quick birthday celebration (It was Sean's aka Meatballs and Tom's aka Sphincter birthday). We also (since it was on the way home), stopped by Mary's place and tried to keep her away as long as possible since AJ was there and we don't get to see her very often (she she lefts us all alone in Jax). :--)
Saturday, 07/21/07  (4 photos)Kayak Fishing at Simpson Creek
Went kayak fishing today (took Cayman too). It was great to get out on the water, even with the impending weather report. Of course, the rain never came and it was a gorgeous day! Each of got on the board with points...and for a while it looks like Lissa would win the trophy once again. But, right before we left I decided to take a nap and concede when, ZINGGGGG....fish on! I pulled up a 19" Red Drum. What a way to end the day! Oh yeah, that trophy is all MINE. Until next week when she'll probably take it back :-)
Friday, 07/13/07 to Thursday, 07/19/07  (36 photos)Tiling the Living Room Floor
Dad and I did a "weekend" project (that I finally, more or less, finished on Thursday night). Tiling the floor itself wasn't the problem...but replacing part of the flooring in three places and jacking up and building a support for one of the floor joists was a problem. So, all that's left now is to put down the trim -- but Lissa and I came up with a wise suggestion "only do weekend projects on the weekend". Otherwise, you have no time to actually do anything else and really start to hate those "weekend projects".
Tuesday, 07/10/07  (56 photos)Venture Crew 595 Run in the Arlington Area
Video 1 of 1 [423k] : Tell me what you thought about the trail...
Saturday, 07/07/07  (16 photos)Games with Lissa, Chelsey & Keith
Video 1 of 1 [1.1m] : Oh...Quack???
Tuesday, 07/03/07  (2 photos)Cold Stone with Lissa and Her Mom, Jill
A nice ice cream (you scream) treat -- Thanks Jill!
Monday, 07/02/07 to Friday, 08/10/07  (19 photos)Spiders around the House and an Imperial Moth
Monday, 07/02/07  (4 photos)Cayman eating a popsicle
Video 1 of 1 [1.4m] : Cayman loves popsicles!
Saturday, 06/30/07 to Sunday, 07/01/07  (8 photos)Rain Gutter for Driveway Project w/ Tyler & Dad
Here's a project that was solely created in order to keep the sand out of the driveway, since normally when it rained it would flood the parking area and bring the sand over with it. All in all, it turned out very successful! Oh yeah, and with all the effort and help that Tyler donated to the project, it earned him a shiny new skateboard!
Video 1 of 1 [1.8m] : When the rain comes down...
Thursday, 06/28/07  (30 photos)Chelsey's Flag Camp Finale
It was obvious that Chelsey worked really hard over the last two weeks at her Flag Camp...and I was very, very impressed (and a little misty-eyed).
Video - Chelsey in the 1st Flag Routine
Video - Chelsey and her 2nd Flag Routine
Video - Chelsey and her last Flag Routine
Saturday, 06/23/07  (8 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Tyler and Cassie
We headed out to Itchetucknee Springs (our at least once annual visit)...unfortunately I couldn't find my water camera (since I just moved my office around), so I took very few photos. I only went down the 1 1/2 hour tour once, but the kids were more adventurous and went down a second time (while I took a nap in the car). All in all, a great day!
Wednesday, 06/20/07  (8 photos)Our New Dog Cusco
We picked up a new dog from the City Pound last Friday. He's a cuddle bug and as soon as he got home hopped right on our couch and asked for us to come sit next to him and show him some attention. He's a great dog and a wonderful addtion to our family. And FINALLY Cayman has someone to play with (and it tires him out!)
Sunday, 06/17/07  (23 photos)Tyler Making a Diet Dr Pepper Can Launcher
Video 1 of 13 [3m] : 1st attempt at a launch
Video 2 of 13 [779k] : 1st Sucessful Launch
Video 3 of 13 [1.2m] : Tyler picks up a hot can
Video 4 of 13 [2.9m] : Tyler explans how to do a launch
Video 5 of 13 [958k] : Launch (3 feet)
Video 6 of 13 [2.6m] : Tyler starts explaining, but has a bent can (it stll launches)
Video 7 of 13 [693k] : Launch Fail #1
Video 8 of 13 [763k] : Launch Fail #2
Video 9 of 13 [638k] : Launch Fail #3
Video 10 of 13 [896k] : Launch Successful!
Video 11 of 13 [474k] : Flaming Tennis Ball!
Video 12 of 13 [154k] : Night Launch #1 (1 foot)
Video 13 of 13 [505k] : Night Launch #2 (2 foot)
Saturday, 06/16/07  (33 photos)Family Games with Chelsey, Tyler and Dad
Dad (Grandpa Thompson) is hanging out with us for the weekend and we playing some Reindeer Games tonight with the Fam.
Video 1 of 5 [427k] : Cowboy is "So Cute"
Video 2 of 5 [2.4m] : Lissa draws "Heartburn"
Video 3 of 5 [3.4m] : Dad draws "Old Faithful"
Video 4 of 5 [2.3m] : Lissa tries to act out a "Clam"
Video 5 of 5 [748k] : Lissa hums, "My Humps"
Friday, 06/08/07 to Monday, 06/11/07  (34 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and On To Home
Wednesday, 06/06/07 to Friday, 06/08/07  (159 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Snow and the Grand Canyon
Monday, 06/04/07 to Tuesday, 06/05/07  (232 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Teepees, Bryce Canyon and Hoodoos
Monday, 06/04/07  (99 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Scouts Landing at Zion
Sunday, 06/03/07  (104 photos)Venture Crew 595 - Canyoneering near Zion
Saturday, 06/02/07  (163 photos)Venture Crew 595 - The Narrows at Zion
Friday, 06/01/07 to Saturday, 06/02/07  (12 photos)Venture Crew 595 - To Nevada and Zion
Video 1 of 1 [974k] : Chelsey still asleep on the wall
Thursday, 05/31/07  (5 photos)Tyler's Home for the Summer & Pirate's Dice
Tyler arrived home on a 4:40pm flight from Illinois -- of course he's going to turn around and head out to Utah with us tomorow evening, but that didn't stop us from playing several games of Pirate's Dice (after the Movie Pirates of the Carribean and kinda like Liar's Dice).
Tuesday, 05/29/07  (36 photos)Date Night with Lissa at Buck & Buck Point (Timucuan Preserve)
Lissa and I had a date night tonight. And I had something special planned and picked both the activity and the dinner. And of course by special I mean "adventurous". What was our date night? Well, Lissa has been looking for a "Zen" place like the multitude of ones we found in Peru. So, where did I pick? Ole' Buck & Buck Point. My mom and dad used to take me there when I was a kid and when it was open to the public, and I've been sneaking in every now and then to look for sharks teeth and just explorer the area (they now use it for dredging the floor of the St Johns). How do you get there? Well, you can park at Spanish Pond, walk down and jump the fence and walk over...or you can do it the hard way: park at the Timucuan Trail Head off of Mt Pleasant and hike in. It's only about 1 mile or so...but that's not the hard point (of course, right? There ALWAYS has to be something more). It's the MOSQUITOES and YELLOW FLIES. I had, of course, told Lissa that we need to get bug spray. Her reply, "Bug spray? We don't need no stinkin' BUG SPRAY!" Boy would we regret that attitude. On the way it we had to do a small job instead of leisurely walk the trail. The yellow flies were swarming (bumping into our heads), and the mosquitoes would pounce if you stood still for longer than 1.2 seconds. But I knew that once we got to the point the wind would be too much for the bugs and we'd have no problem with them there. So, we made it...relaxed...ate our sandwiches from Publix (I'm a cheap date) and snacked on carrot cake (which got mushed somehow in the small jog we did down the trail, but tasted good none-the-less)...and just generally relaxed. After a bit I took Lissa over to the creek that runs out to the St Johns and had her put on my iPod and listen to The Green Room (on the Narade Album: A Childhood Remembered). She found her Zen. Even if it was only for four minutes, at least she found it. We spend the rest of the time looking for sharks teeth and enjoying the rushing of the wind (which Cayman loves). And then it was time to head back. Lissa didn't want to through the "Old Florida Trail"...she was afraid she'd get picked up by the pack of Yellow Flies and flown away to never-never land. Only problem was I knew it was at least 2 miles around by road and would take a while to walk (especially with a very tired Cayman). So I volunteered myself to hike it back, get to car and drive around and pick her up on the road. Smart decision, eh? It turns out the closer it gets to dark (now around 7:15pm, an hour and a half away from sunset) that the bugs get MEANER. Boy were they swarming all around me! I stopped to catch my breath and almost swallowed some! My heart was pounding, my side was aching and my head was hurting, but I made it back alive and well. I instantly kicked up the A/C in the car and high-tailed it over to pick up Lissa. "That was one of the best dates I've ever had", she exclaimed when I picked h
Sunday, 05/27/07  (40 photos)Helping Brandon Harris with his Eagle Project at Fort Caroline
This afternoon Chelsey and I went over to help out Brandon Harris with his Eagle Project which was cleaning up the coast line at Fort Caroline Monument. We removed several, several bags of trash as well and several truck loads worth of old wood that had washed up on the shore. All in all, a very worthy project!
Thursday, 05/24/07  (26 photos)Venture Crew 595 Bowling
The crew went bowling last night at Bowl America. Thanks to Andy and the managers there, they donated the cost of 2 games and shoes. Thanks Bowl America!
Video 1 of 2 [740k] : Michael bowling...
Video 2 of 2 [708k] : Brian and Elica do the wave
Tuesday, 05/22/07  (50 photos)Chelsey Visits the Cummer Art Museum and Gardens
Saturday, 05/19/07 to Sunday, 05/20/07  (86 photos)Peru Trip - Hiking to the Top of the Tipon Ruins
Video - The wall around the backside of the mountain
Video - More of the wall around the backside of the mountain
Video - Almost at the top of the mountain
Video - Coming down the mountain
Friday, 05/18/07  (76 photos)Peru Trip - Around Tipon Ruins and Cusco
Video - The fountains of Tipon
Wednesday, 05/16/07 to Thursday, 05/17/07  (63 photos)Peru Trip - La Paz, Bolivia
Video - Fun in the hotel room
Video - Randy being a captive audience on the bus back from Bolivia
Tuesday, 05/15/07  (51 photos)Peru Trip - Isla Del Sol, Bolivia
Video - On the boat over to Isla Del Sol
Video - A llama spits at Lissa
Video - The llama spits at Randy
Monday, 05/14/07  (54 photos)Peru Trip - Lake Titicaca & Uros Floating Islands
Video - In Puno getting a taxi ride from a motorcycle
Video - Walking on a floating island in Lake Titicaca
Sunday, 05/13/07  (114 photos)Peru Trip - Cusco, Pisac Ruins and Bus Trip to Puno
Video - Through a cave at the Pisac Ruins
Video - Randy "Bobbies" down some steps..
Video - Lissa makes a friend with a dog in Cusco
Video - The business of the bus terminal in Cusco
Saturday, 05/12/07  (186 photos)Peru Trip - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Day 4 (5 km)
Video - Up the final steps to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu
Video - The sound machine
Video - A look around Machu Picchu
Video - From Huayna Picchu over
Friday, 05/11/07  (183 photos)Peru Trip - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Day 3 (15 km)
Video - Percy plays an instrument at the first site of day 3
Video - A look around at an amazing site after Pass #3
Video - Randy yelling "Hola" for an echo
Video - A bit of welcomed down-hill
Video - Exploring a site by ourselves (a bit of a labyrinth!)
Thursday, 05/10/07  (107 photos)Peru Trip - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Day 2 (12 km)
Dead Woman's Pass -- definitely the hardest of all the days on the trail. 4200m -- Woot!
Video - Working slowly up more steps...
Video - A look around on the way up to Dead Woman's Pass
Video - At the camp site as the clouds roll in
Video - How do you feel after day 2?
Wednesday, 05/09/07  (99 photos)Peru Trip - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Day 1 (12 km)
Video - Bobby explains the rules at the beginning of the trail
Video - Walking across the Urubamba River
Video - A look around while beside the Urubamba River
Video - A small break
Tuesday, 05/08/07  (181 photos)Peru Trip - Pachaquti, Sacayhuaman & Qenko
Video - Randy helps an old woman across the street
Video - Schools out!
Video - Lissa trys to blow her horn
Video - Driving in Cusco
Video - A look around Sacayhuaman
Video - A guide explaining...
Video - On the way up to the White Christ
Video - A guide explains Quenco
Video - A crafter makes Randy's hat straps
Monday, 05/07/07  (118 photos)Peru Trip - Around Cusco, Temple of the Sun, Markets and Chicha
Video - Randy stops up his first toilet (light switch wars)
Video - Randy un-stops the toilet!
Video - How to make coffee in Peru
Video - Lissa and Randy drink some Chicha
Video - Traffic wars in Cusco
Video - A walk through the market in Cusco
Video - Another walk through the market in Cusco
Video - Lissa tells us about pastries
Sunday, 05/06/07  (171 photos)Peru Trip - To Cusco and the Sacred Valley Tour (Ollantaytambo, Chinchero Market)
Video - Sunday Parade to Plaza de Arma in Cusco, Peru
Video - A look around the market while at lunch
Video - Randy scares the llama
Video - The llama -- what is he going to do, leap at you?
Video - Randy plays leapfrom with the llama
Video - A look around Ollantaytambo
Video - More Ollantaytambo
Video - Another look around Ollantaytambo
Video - Inside the square of the Chinchero Market
Video - A walk through Chichero (w/ donkeys)
Friday, 05/04/07 to Saturday, 05/05/07  (37 photos)Peru Trip - Miami to Lima
Video - View of Equador from the plane
Video - Church in Lima, Peru
Thursday, 05/03/07  (9 photos)Lissa's 29th Birthday (Happy Hour at Maggiano's)
Thursday, 05/03/07  (4 photos)Cold Stone with Chelsey
Wednesday, 05/02/07  (40 photos)Family Date Night (Poker Night!)
Video 1 of 7 [2m] : A round of poker
Video 2 of 7 [912k] : Chelsey throws a raisin to Lissa
Video 3 of 7 [341k] : Lissa throws a raisin to Chelsey
Video 4 of 7 [779k] : Playing Low Ball and Chelsey folds
Video 5 of 7 [2.2m] : Chelsey explains the rules of her game
Video 6 of 7 [2.1m] : Final Game -- All or nothing (worst hand loses)
Video 7 of 7 [2.1m] : Chelsey's feelings on winning the pot
Sunday, 04/29/07  (112 photos)Trail in Backyard for AJ
Video 1 of 5 [12.3m] : I explain the trail marks
Video 2 of 5 [341k] : The group yelling
Video 3 of 5 [1.6m] : Peter and Lissa walk through the mud
Video 4 of 5 [3m] : Crossing a stream
Video 5 of 5 [1m] : The deepest stream crossing (Victoria ignores me)
Tuesday, 04/24/07  (20 photos)Family Date Night (Golfing and Smokey Bones)
Video 1 of 3 [662k] : Chelsey hitting the ball to the right
Video 2 of 3 [951k] : Mark taking a swing
Video 3 of 3 [2.5m] : Chelsey trying not to hurt herself
Friday, 04/20/07 to Sunday, 04/22/07  (71 photos)Venture Crew 595 Campout at Torreya State Park
Friday, 04/06/07 to Sunday, 04/08/07  (68 photos)Easter in Tennessee with Mom and Tyler
Video - Snowing in Johnson City, TN Spring 2007
Video - Driving up to Carver's Gap, TN Spring 2007
Video - Snowing on 1st day of Sprint at Carver's Gap Spring 2007
Video 4 of 7 [1.5m] : Tyler coming down the hill
Video 5 of 7 [1.3m] : Tyler almost running into a car
Video 6 of 7 [1.6m] : Tyler going down the hill again
Video 7 of 7 [1.7m] : Tyler's tumble on the skateboard
Wednesday, 04/04/07  (2 photos)Chelsey's Operators Drivers License
Tuesday, 04/03/07  (17 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail Run
Saturday, 03/31/07  (14 photos)Playing Tennis with Lissa and Chelsey
Saturday, 03/31/07  (20 photos)Fishing with Lissa and Chelsey
Friday, 03/30/07  (30 photos)Playing Tennis with Chelsey
Friday, 03/23/07  (32 photos)Dinner with Mom and Larry on Jekyll Island, GA
Thursday, 03/22/07  (7 photos)Dinner with Grandma Julia
Wednesday, 03/21/07  (19 photos)Dinner at Ballparks with Anna
Sunday, 03/18/07  (13 photos)Fishing at Simpsons Creek with Pat (Bob) and Cayman
Saturday, 03/17/07  (7 photos)St Patrick's Day Party
Saturday, 03/10/07 to Sunday, 03/11/07  (26 photos)Painting the House with Cassie
Video 1 of 1 [1.9m] : 070310_150434_MVI_0484.wmv
Wednesday, 02/21/07  (48 photos)Dinner with Candy, Lindsey & Jenny
Friday, 02/16/07 to Monday, 02/19/07  (256 photos)Venture Crew 595 Kayaking the 10,000 Island National Wildlife Refuge
Video 1 of 10 [1.2m] : Through the tunnels...
Video 2 of 10 [2.7m] : Cassie is stuck on a log...
Video 3 of 10 [677k] : The Crew goes across the bay on Saturday...
Video 4 of 10 [959k] : Honey, it was a perfect day...
Video 5 of 10 [732k] : Simon leaves in the wind and rain by himself...
Video 6 of 10 [880k] : Cassie tells me what she thinks about the trip...
Video 7 of 10 [427k] : Bubbling refried beans...
Video 8 of 10 [1.7m] : Stuck in the mud...
Video 9 of 10 [1.3m] : More mud...
Video 10 of 10 [1.8m] : Ok, 1...2...3...SCREAM!
Saturday, 02/10/07  (71 photos)LollaBudZoola VI
Video 1 of 5 [779k] : Adjusting the train track
Video 2 of 5 [2.3m] : And up the mountain she goes
Video 3 of 5 [630k] : Down the mountain comes the tire
Video 4 of 5 [1m] : Down comes Bobber
Video 5 of 5 [1m] : This is my conch
Saturday, 01/27/07 to Sunday, 01/28/07  (4 photos)Some photos of Cayman
Saturday, 01/13/07  (11 photos)Fourth Wedding Anniversary & Medieval Times
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