Wednesday, 12/31/08 to Friday, 01/02/09  (110 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with CJ, Christa, Cayman, Luther, Cassie, Talitha and Ariel
Video - CJ climbs down a tree
Video - Cayman bouncing in the brush #1
Video - Cayman bouncing in the brush #2
Video - Cayman bouncing in the brush #3
Video - Walking through the brush to the waterline
Saturday, 12/27/08  (26 photos)Exploring Jonesborough, Tennessee w/ Lissa, CJ, Christa & Grandma Julia
Friday, 12/26/08  (28 photos)Snowboarding at Sugar Mountain w/ Lissa, CJ and Christa
Video - CJ snowboarding #1
Video - CJ snowboarding #2
Video - Christa snowboarding all the way down
Wednesday, 12/24/08 to Friday, 12/26/08  (72 photos)Christmas in Tennessee with Lissa, CJ and Christa
Saturday, 12/20/08  (38 photos)CJ's Bravo School of Dance at the Jacksonville Landing
Thursday, 12/11/08 to Friday, 12/12/08  (41 photos)Grandma Ruby's Memorial and Funeral
ROGERS, RUBY ELLEN, 84, passed away on December 9, 2008. She was born in Chicago, IL in 1924, daughter of Walter & Vivien Nolt. She was married to Richard G. Rogers. She received a B.A. degree with honors from Florida International University in 1988 at the age of 63. She is survived by her...
Video - Bernita tells a story to mom
Saturday, 11/29/08  (131 photos)Mark, Ariel, CJ, Christa and Cayman go for a hike in the stream
Took the girls for a little adventure in the backyard that I knew they'd be interested in. Turned out to be even more fun than I had hoped...
Video - Girls playing in the creek
Video - CJ jumps in the stream...
Video - Christa jumps in...
Friday, 11/28/08  (23 photos)Jacksonville's Christmas Tree Lighting
Thursday, 11/27/08  (7 photos)Thanksgiving with CJ and Christa
A 20lb turkey, home made macaroni and cheese, biscuits w/ honey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. We were so full we never even made it to the pumpkin pie.
Saturday, 11/22/08 to Sunday, 11/23/08  (168 photos)Camping at Little Talbot Island with CJ, Christa, Luther, Justin and Cassie
Video - I can't slide right...
Video - CJ climbs on a pine tree
Video - It's not a good sliding hill (yea!)
Video - CJ's gonna swing from a vine (NOT!)
Video - CJ and Christa run down a hill
Video - Cassie and Mark run down a hill
Video - CJ, while up a tree, pretends to ride a bull
Saturday, 11/15/08  (81 photos)Kayaking, Basketball and Playing at the Park with Christa
Video 1 of 1 [522k] : Walking over railroad tracks
Friday, 11/14/08  (41 photos)Swamping with CJ and Christa
Video - Christa runs across (NOT!)
Video - CJ cleans her face off in the stream
Video - Christa stream crossing attempt #2
Video - Christa splashing in the middle of the stream
Video - Why are there bubbles coming from the water?
Video - Christa crawling in the mud
Thursday, 11/13/08  (10 photos)Chowder Ted's and Bravo School of Dance with CJ and Christa
Tuesday, 11/11/08  (33 photos)Swamping with CJ, Christa, Cayman and Cusco
It's been a bit since we went in the backyard and did some hiking -- and I knew the girls (and especially Cayman would definitely be up for it). So off we went. It's amazing to see the difference 8 feet of water can make (or the lack of the water).

We went through the tunnel that goes underneath I-295. It was long, dark and the water was pretty darned cold. It was too deep for Cayman and Cusco so we had to carry them through. I was very impressed with the girls and how they handled it. I know I'm nervous in dark water, so I could only imagine how they felt.

On the other side we found a huge (water oak) tree that had fallen down across the small stream and got to climb over it. Very neat occurance. I only wish my camera took better shots in the overcast sky.
Video 1 of 4 [279k] : Through the tunnel
Video 2 of 4 [1.2m] : Coming out of the tunnel
Video 3 of 4 [1.1m] : Crossing over the fallen tree
Video 4 of 4 [1.2m] : A view from up on the tree
Sunday, 11/09/08 to Monday, 11/10/08  (71 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Chelsey & Cayman
Video - A look around the lake
Video - Chelsey's making FIRE!
Video - Chelsey brings firewood to the fire
Saturday, 11/08/08  (82 photos)Jax Swamp Thing Hash #1 (Hares: AIDS, HIV)
Saturday, 11/01/08  (19 photos)Little Tommy and Claudette
Video 1 of 1 [669k] : 081101_152042_MVI_4659.wmv
Friday, 10/31/08  (30 photos)Halloween with Christa and CJ
Video 1 of 1 [2.9m] : 081031_161646_MVI_4619.wmv
Tuesday, 10/28/08  (11 photos)Fire in the back yard with the girls
Thursday, 10/23/08  (3 photos)Hanging with Chelsey
Hung with Chelsey last night -- we went bowling (she kicked my butt the second game w/ a score of 184 to like 130). Then we went and ate sushi, stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and headed over and watched the movie "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". Really enjoyed the movie...and the company.
Sunday, 10/19/08  (54 photos)Snorkeling in Key Largo with Lissa, CJ and Christa
Video 1 of 2 [522k] : On the deck
Video 2 of 2 [527k] : CJ Jumping on the deck w/ the waves
Saturday, 10/18/08  (90 photos)Key Largo Fishing with Lissa, CJ and Christa
Video 1 of 6 [494k] : CJ is reeling in a fish
Video 2 of 6 [522k] : CJ's fish got attacked
Video 3 of 6 [505k] : Christa reels in a fish (and CJ catches one too)
Video 4 of 6 [500k] : 081018_113606_PA180070.wmv
Video 5 of 6 [500k] : CJ and Lissa jumping on the deck
Video 6 of 6 [494k] : Three head!
Friday, 10/17/08  (26 photos)Visiting Grandma Ruby in Hialeah & Key Largo with Lissa, CJ and Christa
Sunday, 10/12/08 to Wednesday, 11/05/08  (111 photos)Building the Treehouse in the back yard
Video - Most of the floor is done
Video - All the walls are up
Video - Randy's putting up the roof
Video - CJ and Christa working on the roofing shingles
Saturday, 10/11/08  (134 photos)Christa and Mark go to the Jacksonville Zoo
Sunday, 09/28/08  (28 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Christa, CJ, Ballpark and Anna
Saturday, 09/27/08  (45 photos)Fort Clinch with Christa
Saturday, 09/27/08  (4 photos)A Morning Glory (In Lissa's Garden)
Tuesday, 09/23/08  (2 photos)An Evening with Chelsey
Hung out with Chelsey tonight. We did laundry, ate at European Street, she hung out with me at my work while I did geek stuff, and then we even got to experience late night (for me) shopping at Wal-Mart.
Sunday, 09/21/08  (8 photos)Mowing the Lawn with CJ
Video 1 of 1 [423k] : 080921_172802_MVI_4328.wmv
Saturday, 09/13/08 to Sunday, 09/14/08  (80 photos)Camping on the Suwannee with Christa, Luther and Justin
Went camping out at the Advent Christian Village with Christa, Luther and Justin. It only took Justin two hours to hurt himself. Next time, he may actually think about doing something (especially when I tell him not to), before doing it. Hopefully.
Video 1 of 14 [1m] : Justin's 1st Swing
Video 2 of 14 [884k] : Luther's 1st Swing
Video 3 of 14 [983k] : Justin's 2nd Swing
Video 4 of 14 [692k] : Luther's 2nd Swing
Video 5 of 14 [676k] : Christa's 2nd Swing
Video 6 of 14 [637k] : Luther's 3rd Swing
Video 7 of 14 [500k] : Justin's 3rd (and final) Swing
Video 8 of 14 [923k] : Mark's Swing
Video 9 of 14 [835k] : Luther's 4th Swing
Video 10 of 14 [928k] : Mark's 2nd Swing (with handle)
Video 11 of 14 [621k] : Luther's 5th Swing
Video 12 of 14 [928k] : Mark's 3rd Swing (with handle)
Video 13 of 14 [923k] : Mark's 4th Swing (with Handle)
Video 14 of 14 [802k] : Mark's 5th Swing (with Handle)
Friday, 09/05/08  (47 photos)Scouting Trail with Randy off of 9A and Baymeadows Rd
Randy and I scouted trail in an area that I've always been a bit worried about (but always wanted to do). And boy was it worth doing!!! Being down on all fours, chin deep in water with overhead vines so thick that almost block out the sun -- WOW!
Video - Into the Lilly Pads
Video - A little thicket
Video - Playing on a log
Video - Hip deep water....
Video - More thicket...
Video - Even more thicket...
Video - It's getting a little crazy with the vines/thin tree branches
Video - Where the heck are you going?
Video - Root cellar #1
Video - Root cellar #2 (cold water too)
Video - Root cellar #3
Video - Root cellar #4
Video - Root cellar #5 (the best part)
Saturday, 08/30/08 to Monday, 09/01/08  (95 photos)Suwannee River Kayaking Trip with Keith
Video - Suwannee - Lots of birds
Video - Suwannee - Chance of rain
Video - Suwannee - More wind and rain
Video - Suwannee - Rain washing down the ramp and into the river
Saturday, 08/23/08  (52 photos)Jax Hash #564 (Hares: Sphincter Sicle, Cotton Panel)
While the photos don't show much, this was a bit of a challenging trail. Trail started almost immediately by swimming ACROSS Dunns Creek. If that wasn't enough fun, the "beverage stop" was a cooler anchored in the middle of a creek which you had to swim across in order to get a beverage. GREAT STUFF!
Video 1 of 1 [253k] : 080823_132454_P8230373.wmv
Friday, 08/22/08  (48 photos)Deep Swamp River Exploring with CJ and Christa
One time a day just wasn't enough for CJ and myself -- with a storm like this only coming so often we thought we should go back again for another look.

With that hour and a half break we took the river rose even more.

We also so even more spiders than before. I don't know if it was because we were now on the lookout for them or if it was just because they decided to say "hi' to us or what...but we found some pretty big ones for sure! The last one is almost as big as my hand!
Video - Swimming under the power lines
Video - Flooded under the power lines
Video - Flooded swamping #1
Video - Flooded swamping #2
Video - Flooded swamping #3
Video - Flooded swamping #4
Video - Flooded swamping #5 (deep part)
Video - Duval Road Flooded
Video - Swimming in the deep end under the power lines
Friday, 08/22/08  (26 photos)Deep Swamp River Exploring with CJ
Well, CJ wanted to go back out since she knew the water would be even higher than the day before because of all the rain. What we didn't know is it would be THAT much higher! The river really rose and almost encompassed the entire back swamp now. Great stuff!
Video - Armsdale Rd Drainage
Video - CJ Jumps in the Armsdale Rd Drainage
Video - Under the powerlines
Video - First time into the swamp with all the rain
Video - CJ Navigates through the water
Video - Walking through the forest
Video - Water going underneath the bridge
Thursday, 08/21/08  (23 photos)Swamp River Exploring in the Backyard with CJ, Christa and Cayman
The girls wanted to go "swamping", so I led them on a trail in the backyard to go and see the creek. We never really found the center of the creek since it was so swollen with water from all the rain. Still lost of fun.
Video - Girls going into the forest with water every where
Video - Christa's stuck in the mud in the tropical storm
Video - Cayman's cold in the water
Video - CJ tries to run in the mud
Video - CJ and Christa walking through the mud
Wednesday, 08/13/08  (43 photos)Jax Hash #561
Tuesday, 08/12/08  (4 photos)Scouting trail with Jason off of Philips Hwy
Monday, 08/11/08  (5 photos)Date Night at Fernandina Beach
We went out to Fernandina Beach to enjoy a picnic while enjoying the sounds of the waves and the cool breeze. It was very, very nice.

While out we encountered a Mr. James Skirven who is a local to the area. He was nice enough to share some conversation and time with us while we ate. It was a joy to talk to him and his company seemed to definitely make our night much more enjoyable.
Wednesday, 08/06/08  (30 photos)Jax Hash 559 (Hare: Sir WaxALot)
We stepped out for a quick hash last night. Good fun and exercise. And Cayman really appreciated getting out of the hosue.
Friday, 08/01/08  (3 photos)Kayak Fishing at Simpsons Creek
Go up at a lazy 7am and finally got on the water by 8:30am or so...kayaked 10 miles, saw some big reds tailing, but still caught absolutely nothing. Still better than staying him and doing nothing though.
Wednesday, 07/30/08  (17 photos)Jax Hash #558
Video 1 of 1 [384k] : 080730_194900_P7300020.wmv
Saturday, 07/26/08  (6 photos)Fishing with Lissa and Peter at Pumpkin Hill
Total for me: two stingrays, 1 catfish, 1 9 inch trout and a 21 inch ladyfish. Fun morning!
Sunday, 07/20/08  (9 photos)Hanging out w/ Ballpark while Tyler Cooks Dinner
We went over to Ballpark's and Tyler cooked us up some mean Swiss Mushroom Burgers, with a side salad of arrugula and salmon. An awesome combination. Heck, I didn't even have room for dessert.
Thursday, 07/17/08 to Saturday, 07/19/08  (81 photos)Venture Crew 595 Kayak trip to 10,000 Island Part II
Video - Justin puts on lipstick
Video - Kayaking in East River
Video - The view of the Gulf of Mexico from Panther Key
Monday, 07/14/08  (8 photos)Katydid at the House
Lissa found a katydid walking around on the door last night during a good rain storm.
Friday, 07/11/08  (25 photos)Camping out at AT&T for the new iPhone 3G with Tyler and Friends
So, the new iPhone was released on 7/11/08...a major international event. Did I want the new iPhone? Of course! Was I wanting to camp out in line for it? Nope. Tyler, however thought it be cool to do, so I said, "What the heck, we'll do it."

So we started telling out friends about what we were going to do: "At midnight on Friday morning (Thursday night) we're going to go up to the AT&T store and set up camp and wait in line...even if there isn't one."

Luther, "Uh....ok."

"Wanna go with us?" We inquired?

"Sure, what the heck." He quickly responded.

And from there it grew. Justin joined in, quickly followed by Cody and Alejandro.

It was 8 hours of ... fun? We did have fun, and it was memorable. Especially the next day when we all got VERY little sleep (well, Luther and I got very little sleep...everyone else I'm sure was zonked out).

We did the Diet Coke and mentos experiment. We broke some curbs, toes and shopping carts (and flew like a led zepplin).

We drank Mt Dew, made 2am and 4am runs to the gas station for doritos and doughnuts. We joked, got dr pepper all over us (or at least Justin did), slept on the ground, in chairs and yes, we were the only ones there.

At least until 4am. That's when #2 arrived. Then at 4:45am #3, followed quickly by #4, #5 on up to #50 or more. And yes, I was the first one in the store and was even questioned by the Channel 4 News person. The cameras were rolling, and the boys were in hog heaven. Luther played guitar for the crowds (without lyrics) and everyone was, well, estatic.

At 8:30am I walked out of the store a proud, happy, joyful new iPhone 3G owner. Was it worth the wait? Actually, yes. Was I tired? No, not really. More than 27 hours of no sleep, I was actually quite fine BECAUSE I had this spiffy new phone in my hands. Do I realize I'm a complete geek? Most definitely. No doubts about it.
Video - Justin holds a finger in a 2 liter of Diet Coke filled with Mentos
Video - Justin tries to drop mentos into a diet coke 2 liter
Video - Newscast of iPhone Campout
Thursday, 07/10/08  (78 photos)Venture Crew 595 Meeting and Putt Putt Golf at Adventure Landing
Video 1 of 2 [763k] : 080710_191340_MVI_4152.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [280k] : 080710_193250_MVI_4160.wmv
Tuesday, 07/08/08  (5 photos)Guitar Lesson with Tyler (from Jeremy Baker)
Video 1 of 2 [6.9m] : 080708_182248_MVI_4131.mp4
Video 2 of 2 [5.4m] : 080708_182450_MVI_4132.mp4
Monday, 07/07/08  (7 photos)Panera and a little Magic The Gathering
Stopped by Panera for dindin then came home and played a little Magic: The Gathering with Tyler.
Sunday, 07/06/08  (25 photos)Playing D&D with Tyler, Justin, Steven, Ashley, Cody & Matt
Video 1 of 2 [758k] : 080706_132420_MVI_4101.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [1.2m] : 080706_135524_MVI_4102.wmv
Saturday, 07/05/08  (9 photos)Sealing and Painting the Shed with Tyler and Dad
Sunday, 06/29/08  (11 photos)Fishing the Jetties with Dad, Lissa, Tyler, Cayman and Cusco
Went out fishing at the jetties -- but got there at dead low tide and there was NO action at all. So we baked for a few hours and then decided to hit the a/c and enjoy the refreshments of a rather nice restaurant off of Atlantic Blvd (can't think of the name right now).
Friday, 06/27/08  (79 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Chelsey, Tyler, Luther, Justin and Cassie
A great day down the Itchetucknee river -- made even better by one heckuva rain storm, and some great grape and watermelon tossing contests. Best trip yet to Itche?
Video 1 of 8 [637k] : 080627_125058_P6271114.wmv
Video 2 of 8 [412k] : 080627_125216_P6271119.wmv
Video 3 of 8 [313k] : 080627_132559_LutherFalling.wmv
Video 4 of 8 [560k] : 080627_132827_ChelseyFalling.wmv
Video 5 of 8 [434k] : 080627_134850_P6271189.wmv
Video 6 of 8 [516k] : 080627_135110_P6271193.wmv
Video 7 of 8 [500k] : 080627_141724_P6271201.wmv
Video 8 of 8 [373k] : 080627_151039_LutherCatchingWatermelon.wmv
Wednesday, 06/18/08 to Sunday, 06/22/08  (223 photos)Venture Crew 595 Tennessee Trip (Whitewater, Caving & Volleyball)
Wow! What a trip! Just look at the photos to realize what a cool time we had!
Video 1 of 4 [692k] : 080619_165630_MVI_3990.wmv
Video 2 of 4 [1.3m] : 080621_121038_P6210957.wmv
Video 3 of 4 [615k] : 080621_181910_MVI_4046.wmv
Video 4 of 4 [2.4m] : 080621_182038_MVI_1884.wmv
Saturday, 06/14/08  (221 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail on the North Side
We did a little trail for the Venture Crew 595 starting down the road from the house, through the swamp and back again. Great stuff!
Video 1 of 2 [362k] : 080614_191558_P6140720.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [516k] : 080614_192532_P6140735.wmv
Wednesday, 06/11/08  (37 photos)Lissa and I have dinner with Candy, Lindsey, Jenny, Logan, Shane and Monica
Monday, 06/09/08  (9 photos)Lissa's New Haircut and Dinner at Winghouse with Chelsey
Sunday, 06/08/08  (10 photos)D&D at the House w/ Kids from the Crew
Wednesday, 06/04/08  (84 photos)Jax Hash #554 by Bobber Off of Century St
They promised a "shiggy" trail -- so of course I just had to go and see for myself. They were right! It was a great trail. Fun, shiggy and wet! You just can't beat running a trail like that with friends...
Video 1 of 5 [1.3m] : 080604_194644_P6040460.wmv
Video 2 of 5 [1.3m] : 080604_194712_P6040461.wmv
Video 3 of 5 [1m] : 080604_200148_P6040474.wmv
Video 4 of 5 [329k] : 080604_201812_P6040500.wmv
Video 5 of 5 [390k] : 080604_202048_P6040509.wmv
Tuesday, 06/03/08  (2 photos)Lunch with Chelsey at Panera
Saturday, 05/31/08  (6 photos)Kayak Fishing with Peter and Justin at Hannah Mills (And Chowder Teds)
Went out fishing with Peter and Justin. We tried a new spot (Hannah Mills) and it was a SLOW day. More kayaking than fishing -- but good to be out on the water no matter what! Beautiful day!
Sunday, 05/25/08  (52 photos)Dinner at Ballpark's (on the eve of his 39th birthday)
We went over to Ballpark and Anna's for dinner, Liar's dice and a little pool action.

Beware, these photos contain lots of cheesey shots with lots of people smiling underwater.

You've been warned!
Saturday, 05/17/08  (92 photos)Jax Hash #541 Off of Duval Rd with Brian
Brian and I ran a pretty darn good trail on Saturday. It totalled out at around 5.89 miles (a bit longer than we expected). A bit of swampy water, mud sucking crossings, neck high water...which all made for a really fun trail!
Friday, 05/16/08  (10 photos)Contra Dancing w/ Cassie, Justin and Luther
Tuesday, 05/13/08  (15 photos)Christa Comes Over for Dinner
Christa came over for dinner and we all made home made pizzas.
Monday, 05/12/08  (7 photos)Scouting Trail with Brian off of Duval Rd
Went scouting trail with Brian for this Saturday's trail. I was a bit disappointed because there just isn't as much water as I would have hoped (but it is the dry season after all). There was a little water and it'll be a fun trail no matter what. Looking forward to it this Saturday.
Video 1 of 1 [489k] : Tunnel under I-295
Sunday, 05/11/08  (28 photos)Playing Games with Grandma Julia, Chelsey and Lissa
Played some Liar's Dice and then some Cranium with Lissa, Chelsey and Grandma. Fun times...
Video 1 of 5 [4.2m] : Jesus Loves the Little Children
Video 2 of 5 [3.8m] : This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
Video 3 of 5 [302k] : Potpourri -- backwards
Video 4 of 5 [209k] : Umbrella
Video 5 of 5 [401k] : Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Sunday, 05/11/08  (40 photos)Dog Park with Grandma Julia, Lissa, Christa, Ballpark and Anna
We packed up the whole family and a picnic, picked up Christa and headed over to the Dogwood Park of Jacksonville so the kids (Cayman and Cusco) could play. Cayman is just amazing with learning how to go and swim for the ball and (kinda) bring it back to us. It's sometimes a game of keep away for him -- be it's still lots of fun :-) He sure was tuckered out after playing at the park!
Video 1 of 3 [225k] : 080511_134208_MVI_3770.wmv
Video 2 of 3 [599k] : 080511_134252_MVI_3771.wmv
Video 3 of 3 [890k] : 080511_134640_MVI_3778.wmv
Saturday, 05/10/08  (13 photos)Playing Games with Grandma Julia, Chelsey and Lissa
Some Zilch with Grandma Julia, Chelsey and Lissa
Friday, 05/09/08 to Saturday, 05/10/08  (37 photos)Grandma Julia Visits and we go to Hanna Park and the Little Jetties
Mom came in for a visit and Cayman, Cusco and I took her to Hanna park and the Little Jetties park to play around and get our feet wet. Cayman is proving himself to be a great swimmer!
Video 1 of 1 [247k] : 080510_125900_MVI_3725.wmv
Wednesday, 05/07/08  (19 photos)Dinner with Ballpark and Anna
Video 1 of 1 [5.4m] : 080507_193456_MVI_3692.wmv
Sunday, 05/04/08  (5 photos)Fernandina Shrimp Festival
Went over to Fernandina for the Shirmp Festival. We had breakfast at a little local place and then did the walk up and down the historic section of Fernandina. Lots of neat things to see...
Saturday, 05/03/08  (16 photos)Jax Kayak Fishing Tournament (Lissa's 30th Birthday)
Well, the morning started WAY too early at 5:15am to get ready for the Jax Kayak Fishing Tournament that just happened to be on Lissa's birthday. We got on the water by 6:30am and it started off pretty good a 23 1/2" red and a 15" trout but ended after that with nothing but catfish the rest of the afternoon (and one stingray). All in all a great weekend (that's not yet over, still have the Fernandina Shrimp Festival tomorrow)...
Thursday, 05/01/08  (130 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail off of Atlantic Blvd and Hodges
Video 1 of 4 [351k] : Echo!
Video 2 of 4 [472k] : Were almost...uhhh....a little bit through.
Video 3 of 4 [1.2m] : Through the swamp
Video 4 of 4 [714k] : Through the tunnel
Friday, 04/25/08 to Sunday, 04/27/08  (101 photos)Venture Crew 595 Camping in Osceola National Forest
Video - Luther plays the guitar
Video - Justin tries to tackle a tree
Video - Justin tries to tackle a different tree
Saturday, 04/19/08  (21 photos)Kayak Fishing the Little Jetties with Friends
Went out fishing this morning and got on the water just as the sun was fully rising (around 7:15am).

Justin caught his first fish in his kayak (15" red) and so did Peter (12" flounder)!!! They were both pretty happy. But right before that on the kayak over the intercoast waterways we came upon at least 4 of 5 pods of dolphins (at least 30+) swimming and playing all around us. It was quite a site (watch the video).

Lissa won the trophy today by catching a small (10" or so) trout, but that was enough to take the title back. I did pick up a large sting ray but it broke off before I could get to measure it (but they don't count anyway).
Video - The dolphins doing their thing...
Friday, 04/11/08  (18 photos)Anna's New Car (for her 33rd Birthday)
Video 1 of 1 [1.8m] : 080411_223006_MVI_3524.wmv
Tuesday, 04/08/08  (72 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail in Arlington
It was your simple every day trail: over the river and through the woods -- with a touch of "through the river" and "under the road" for added flavor.
Wednesday, 04/02/08  (63 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 7 - Old San Juan
Video 1 of 5 [708k] : 080402_121408_MVI_3488.wmv
Video 2 of 5 [829k] : 080402_121600_MVI_3489.wmv
Video 3 of 5 [824k] : 080402_121828_MVI_3490.wmv
Video 4 of 5 [1.1m] : 080402_122004_MVI_3493.wmv
Video 5 of 5 [692k] : 080402_122236_MVI_3496.wmv
Tuesday, 04/01/08 to Wednesday, 04/02/08  (87 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 6 - Relaxing at Las Casas de la Selva and Patillas
Video - Driving the coastline in Patillas
Video - Justin hurts himself getting out of the carz
Video - Learning how to play Dragon Poker (or something)
Video - Luther impersonates Dylan while at Casa De La Selva
Video - Justin makes a friendship bracelet while relaxing at Casa De La Selva
Monday, 03/31/08  (165 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 5 - Day Hike Through Icaco and Hero Valley
Video - Dugan explains details about the rainforest
Video - The beginning of the Icaco Valley Trail
Video - Justin tries to go from one rock to another...and fails.
Video - Looking around Icaco Valley Trail
Video - Relaxing at the falls in Icaco Valley
Video - Hiking UP from Icaco Falls
Video - At the top of Icaco Valley we take a break
Video - Coming down Hero Valley
Sunday, 03/30/08  (28 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 4 - Driving to Patillas and Arriving at Las Casas
Saturday, 03/29/08 to Sunday, 03/30/08  (119 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 3 - Taino Ceremonial Park, Tanama River & Cave
Video - Luther tries Malta..."Not bad" they say.
Video - A look around the tunnel and Tanama river
Video - Walking to our camping spot on the Tanama River
Video - Hiking from the bottom of the Tanama River with Cassie and Justin
Video - Path out of the Tanama River
Video - Driving down the mountain
Friday, 03/28/08 to Saturday, 03/29/08  (93 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 2 - San Sebastian Waterfalls
Video - Luther in the waterfall at San Sebastian
Video - The water came up and hit my testiculars...
Video - Hiking out of San Sebastian Waterfalls
Thursday, 03/27/08  (22 photos)Venture Crew 595 Puerto Rico - Day 1 - Orlando Airport
The beginning of the trip. We drove down to Orlando a day early since we had such an early flight the next morning. And since we normally stay up late anyway we decided to just stay in the airport playing cards and such instead of spending money on a hotel for only a few hours.
Saturday, 03/22/08  (84 photos)Jax Hash with Cayman in Orange Park @ Youngerman Circle
Schedules finally aligned and I was able to go squeeze in a Saturday Shiggy trail! I took Cayman with me and he loved every second of it. There was a 1/2 mile of road and then it was right in the swamp. With 30 seconds of hitting the cypress swamp area Cayman laid down and covered himself in mud. No worries though, within a few minutes there were several water crossings where he was able to completely clean himself off. It was a great shiggy trail day!
Friday, 03/21/08  (11 photos)Luther Playing the Guitar at WalMart
Luther decided to take his guitar with him and play it through out Wal-Mart as we did our shopping...
Video - Luther rides into Wal-Mart with his Guitar
Video - Luther and his guitar at Wal-Mart
Friday, 03/21/08  (21 photos)Kayak Fishing with Lissa in Fernandina
Lissa picked the kayak fishing location and it was a creek that started in Fernandina and headed south out to a river just south of there area that eventually lead to the ocean. The only problem in her plan was that it was WAY too far away from the ocean to actually be salt water. So, we paddled about 4 miles down the river and the water was still very drinkably fresh. So the trip turned out to be a kayaking trip instead of a kayak fishing trip. But it was a great day to be out on the water anyway!
Video 1 of 1 [1.4m] : 080321_090754_MVI_3128.wmv
Sunday, 03/16/08  (6 photos)Kayak Fishing with Peter at Pumpkin Hill
Went fishing with Peter out at Pumpkin Hill. First time there and was able to see a beautiful sunrise. Gnats were bad until the wind picked up...but no real bites all day. We only fished a few hours but it was nice to be out on the water none-the-less.
Saturday, 03/15/08  (7 photos)Hanging with Thomas & Anna and Chowder Teds
Went to Chowder Teds after Justin and Luther and I spent several hours on the shed and Thomas, Anna and Lissa went to yardsales. Then we came home, worked on the shed some more and then had a fabulous dinner that Lissa prepared for us (homemade pot pie).
Video 1 of 1 [269k] : 080315_133518_MVI_3089.wmv
Thursday, 03/13/08  (16 photos)Dinner with Thomas and Anna and some Guitar Playing
Had dinner with Thomas and Anna (amazing pasta and salmon and arugula). Thomas and I also played guitar and I learned a lot while just sitting with him for a few hours. If only I could do that every day!
Video 1 of 1 [2.3m] : A little "Wish you were here"
Tuesday, 03/11/08  (2 photos)Progress on the Beard
Just an updated on the whole "beard" thing. I brushed it out a bit for effect. I've had a few request from small woodland animals to take shelter in yet -- as of yet, they've all been denied.
Thursday, 03/06/08  (35 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail at Landmark Middle School
We had a great little trail tonight that started at Landmark Middle School, headed West across Kernan Blvd and directly into the woods. We bumped around crossing streams here and there, passing spiders, critters and homeless tents OH MY!
Video 1 of 1 [527k] : The "Trail Story" (What's human remains?)
Sunday, 02/24/08 to Tuesday, 03/18/08  (45 photos)Building the Shed in the Backyard with Luther and Justin
Well, it took a lot longer than we thought, but it's finally done (more or less). The kayaks finally have a place to call home.
Video 1 of 2 [181k] : 080308_164136_MVI_3039.wmv
Video 2 of 2 [406k] : 080315_104424_MVI_3077.wmv
Saturday, 02/23/08  (1 photos)My 9 Hour Experience at Baptist Hospital
I don't normally get sick. If I do, it's nothing a good night's rest won't fix. That didn't quite happen this time. Friday I got sent home from work because my coughing was so bad. I was really feeling horrible so I didn't complain. Once home I checked my temp (102.9°) and went right to sleep. Around 8pm I woke up feeling even worse and my new temp was 104.2°. Lissa insisted on taking me to the ER, and I really wasn't in the mood to complain. To make a long story short, they put me on fluids and gave me 5 kinds of prescriptions. By the time I left the hospital, my temp was down to 98.6. So, here it is 2am Sunday morning, and I'm feeling pretty darn good. I am, however, still contagious.
Sunday, 02/17/08  (11 photos)Fishing with John Bottko
Saturday, 02/16/08  (18 photos)Playing Dungeons and Dragons with Luther, Justin and Steven & Nikki
Saturday, 02/16/08  (22 photos)Kayak Fishing at Browns Creek with Luther & Justin
Video 1 of 1 [555k] : Justin Jumps into the Swing
Saturday, 02/09/08 to Sunday, 02/10/08  (52 photos)Visiting Shayna and Mehdi in Atlanta, GA
Video 1 of 4 [752k] : The show is over...
Video 2 of 4 [1.1m] : Shayna shows us how to dance
Video 3 of 4 [253k] : Mehdi shows us dancing too
Video 4 of 4 [318k] : Here's real dancing in the dark
Friday, 02/08/08 to Saturday, 02/09/08  (48 photos)Visiting Brandon, Jana, Hana and Briana in Valdosta, GA
We stopped by and saw and old Air Force buddy of mine that I was stationed with at Cannon AFB, NM. It turns out I hadn't stopped by since January of 2001 so I figured it was a visit very overdue. Since my last visit Jana and Brandon decided to pop out two little adorable munchkins: Hana and Briana (commonly called "Bee") We had dinner at the Wooden Nickel and then headed back to their place and got our butts beat in cards (at least the guys did). It was a visit I should definitely make more often!
Thursday, 02/07/08  (32 photos)Venture Crew 595 Trail
Sunday, 01/27/08  (5 photos)Hoggetowne Medieval Fair (Renaissance Festival) in Gainesville
Wednesday, 01/23/08  (14 photos)Dog Exercise Time in the Back Yard
We've been taking Cayman and Cusco out every day in the back yard so they can get some doggy exercise -- and they love every second of it. Of course, every day Cayman gets a bath afterwards because he just HAS TO jump in the puddles. "Right, mom and dad?" "I just hafta!"
Video 1 of 4 [258k] : 080123_164634_MVI_2729.wmv
Video 2 of 4 [538k] : 080123_164730_MVI_2730.wmv
Video 3 of 4 [368k] : 080123_164812_MVI_2731.wmv
Video 4 of 4 [296k] : 080123_165224_MVI_2732.wmv
Friday, 01/11/08  (12 photos)Working on the Address Sign with Justin
Justin helped me with a project I've been wanting to tackle for quite some time. Brickwork, running the power line, building the roof, sealing it and even shingling it...
Saturday, 01/05/08  (30 photos)Cassies 17th Birthday Party
Video 1 of 6 [329k] : 080105_190024_MVI_2656.wmv
Video 2 of 6 [796k] : 080105_193710_MVI_2665.wmv
Video 3 of 6 [945k] : 080105_200608_MVI_2670.wmv
Video 4 of 6 [1.5m] : 080105_200754_MVI_2671.wmv
Video 5 of 6 [1.3m] : 080105_201928_MVI_2673.wmv
Video 6 of 6 [99k] : 080105_202300_MVI_2676.wmv
Friday, 01/04/08 to Saturday, 01/05/08  (17 photos)D&D with Steven, Luther, Justin and Matthew
It's always fun to be a kid again and stay up until 10:30am playing D&D.
Thursday, 01/03/08  (10 photos)Dinner with Ballpark
Ballpark stopped by on his way back from spending some time with his mother while home on emergency leave from Iraq. Stay safe bud and come home soon.
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