Wednesday, 12/29/10 to Thursday, 12/30/10  (41 photos)Camping at Morrow Mountain, NC with Lissa & Christa
Sunday, 12/26/10 to Wednesday, 12/29/10  (128 photos)Tennessee & Roan Mountain with Lissa & Christa
Video - Cayman and Clover playing in the snow at a rest stop
Video - Lissa attempts to slide down grandma's back yard
Video - Lissa slides down a neighbor's hill
Video - Cuzco, Clover and Cayman hiking down the road from Roan Mountain
Saturday, 12/25/10  (55 photos)Christmas with Mark, Lissa, CJ and Christa
Tuesday, 12/21/10  (2 photos)Clover Gets Home After Being Spayed
Saturday, 12/11/10 to Sunday, 12/12/10  (96 photos)Camping on the Florida Trail North of Olustee with Lissa and Christa
Friday, 12/10/10  (1 photos)Picking up the Trailer from Dad
Wednesday, 12/08/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad at Hardee's
Tuesday, 12/07/10  (3 photos)Dinner at Applebees with Lissa and Christa
Friday, 12/03/10 to Sunday, 12/05/10  (103 photos)Camping at Princess Place Preserve with Lissa, Christa, Ballpark and Anna
Video - Watching the deer at Princess Place Preserve, FL
Saturday, 11/27/10 to Sunday, 11/28/10  (3 photos)AT - Spinger to Stovers Campsite with Lissa and Christa (8 miles)
Thursday, 11/18/10 to Sunday, 11/21/10  (134 photos)Camping Trip with Dad to Jones Gap State Park, SC
Video - Hiking up to Rainbow Falls at Jones Gap State Park, SC
Video - Rainbow Falls at Jones Gaps State Park, SC
Video - Hiking out of Jones Gap State Park
Video - Dad and I hiking out of Jones Gap State Park, SC
Video - Snow maker at Stone Mountain State Park
Saturday, 11/13/10  (68 photos)4th Annual Marine Corp Hash
Video - Redwing and Face do chalk talk
Video - Little stream crossing at the 4th Marine Corp Hash JaxH3
Video - Cayman crosses a stream at the JaxH3 Marine Corp Hash
Monday, 11/08/10  (5 photos)Morning Sunrise and Power Lines with the Canon S95
Sunday, 11/07/10  (1 photos)CJ and Christa visit with Cyndi
Saturday, 11/06/10 to Sunday, 11/07/10  (63 photos)Camping at Forks Area Trail System, South Carolina with Lissa
Video - Lissa tells a story about donuts in the tent
Friday, 11/05/10  (3 photos)Date Night with Lissa and Gyros
Saturday, 10/30/10  (1 photos)Campfire on Little Talbot Island
Friday, 10/29/10  (9 photos)Spooktacular at Jacksonville Zoo with Lissa and Christa
Friday, 10/29/10  (2 photos)Lunch with Dad at Wendy's
Sunday, 10/24/10  (1 photos)Christa visits with Cyndi at the Golden Egg Roll
Saturday, 10/23/10 to Sunday, 10/24/10  (49 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Lissa
Thursday, 10/21/10 to Friday, 10/22/10  (7 photos)Date Night and Floral Exploration with Lissa
Wednesday, 10/20/10  (2 photos)Lunch with CJ at First Coast High School
Monday, 10/18/10  (3 photos)Family Date Night at the Movies
Sunday, 10/17/10  (5 photos)Lissa's Sprinklers in the Garden
Video - Sprinkler Video
Thursday, 10/14/10  (2 photos)Lunch with Christa at Oceanway Middle School
Tuesday, 10/12/10  (1 photos)Listen to Bob Dylan (T-Shirt from Luther)
Friday, 10/08/10 to Sunday, 10/10/10  (47 photos)Camping at Longleaf Flatwoods Preserve with Justin, Luther and Steven
Sunday, 10/03/10  (8 photos)Christa Visits with Cyndi at the North Shore Park
Video - Christa messing around a North Shore Park
Saturday, 10/02/10  (4 photos)Hiking with CJ at Little Talbot Island
Saturday, 10/02/10 to Sunday, 10/03/10  (10 photos)Berries, Morning Glory, Girls in Garden, Swept Driveway and Ducks
Friday, 09/17/10  (12 photos)Lunch with Dad and Kali at Riverfront Park (End of the World)
Saturday, 09/11/10 to Friday, 09/17/10  (214 photos)Lissa, CJ and Christa's Cruise to Cozumel, Cayman Islands and Jamaica
Video - CJ shows the room and Lissa does Christa's Hair
Video - Lissa does a video of the the room on the cruise detailing each area
Video - Lissa has Talapia and CJ has Ribs
Video - I'm about to go gambling...
Video - Eggs Benedict for breakfast
Video - Girls go shopping in Cozumel
Video - CJ's Dessert and all three of Lissa's desserts
Video - CJ stirs her tea at a tea party on the ship
Video - CJ dances with the staff
Video - CJ and Lissa dance on the stage
Video - Shopping in Jamaica, Part 1
Video - Shopping in Jamaica, Part 2
Friday, 09/10/10  (23 photos)Lunch with Dad at Jessy Dupont Park at the Oak Tree
Friday, 09/03/10 to Monday, 09/06/10  (109 photos)Kayaking Camping with Keith on the Suwannee River
Video - 100903_191534_M4H01776.MP4
Video - Kayaking the Suwannee River Part 1
Video - Kayaking the Suwannee River Part 2
Video - Kayaking the Suwannee River Part 3
Thursday, 09/02/10  (6 photos)Lunch with CJ at First Coast High School
Wednesday, 09/01/10  (3 photos)Date Night with Lissa at the Movies
Tuesday, 08/24/10  (13 photos)Rat Snake in the Chicken Coop
Friday, 08/20/10 to Saturday, 08/21/10  (21 photos)Weekend of D&D with Luther, Justin and Steven in Gainesville
Saturday, 08/14/10  (23 photos)Pool Party at Bruce and Hope's and some Krispy Kreme
Friday, 08/13/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Thursday, 08/12/10  (2 photos)Sun goes down on the Tree
Thursday, 08/12/10  (2 photos)Family Date Night at Chowder Teds
Tuesday, 08/10/10  (2 photos)Date Night with Lissa at the Cummer Art Museum
Sunday, 08/08/10  (143 photos)CJ's 16th Birthday Party
Video - Waterballon fight at CJ's 16th Birthday Party
Video - PiƱata at CJ's 16th Birthday Party
Saturday, 08/07/10  (13 photos)CJ's Tattoo
Video - CJ's tattoo work Part 1
Video - CJ's tattoo work Part 2
Friday, 08/06/10 to Saturday, 08/07/10  (16 photos)Last Day in Tennessee and Driving Home
Video - Cayman runs around Grandma Julia's Yard
Video - Rain on the way home from Tennessee
Thursday, 08/05/10  (35 photos)AT - Hiking to Laurel Falls with Mom and Tyler
Video - Mom, Tyler and I relax on a bridge after hiking to Laurel Falls, TN
Wednesday, 08/04/10  (29 photos)Linville Falls and Hawksbill Mountain Hike
Video - Driving to Hawksbill Mountain with Tyler
Video - Arriving to the top of Hawksbill Mountain
Tuesday, 08/03/10  (29 photos)Blue Hole at Stoney Creek, Tennessee
Monday, 08/02/10  (47 photos)Bridge Jump and Baby Falls in Tellico Plains
Video - Mark Jumps into the Tellico River
Video - Tyler shows how to cross Baby Falls
Video - Tyler jumps off of Baby Falls at Tellico Plains
Sunday, 08/01/10 to Monday, 08/02/10  (45 photos)Cummins Falls, TN with Tyler and Cayman
Saturday, 07/31/10  (31 photos)Grandfather Mountain and Elk River Falls
Video - Mark falling off of Elk River Falls, Tennessee
Video - Mark and Tyler following the trail downstream at Elk River
Video - Mark and Tyler search for a bigger falls on Elk River
Video - Cayman goes bouncy bouncy while exploring at Elk River
Thursday, 07/29/10 to Friday, 07/30/10  (25 photos)Sumter Forest Camping, Tennessee and Tyler's Arrival
Thursday, 07/29/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Sunday, 07/25/10  (19 photos)Blackberry Lake visit with Cyndi
Video - CJ and Christa give each other big hugs at Blackberry Lake
Friday, 07/23/10  (4 photos)Fishing with Lissa at Simpson's Creek
Video - Lissa pulls in a redfish at Simpson's Creek
Friday, 07/16/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Friday, 07/16/10  (2 photos)Bingo with Lissa in Callahan
Sunday, 07/11/10 to Monday, 07/12/10  (38 photos)White Water, Bald River Falls, TN and Return to Jax with Dad and CJ
Video - Climbing Bald River Falls, Cherokee National Forest
Saturday, 07/10/10 to Sunday, 07/11/10  (89 photos)Cummins Falls, TN with CJ
Video - CJ climbs up the falls at Cummins Falls
Video - Under the main falls at Cummins Falls, TN
Video - Mark swings on a rope at Cummins Falls, TN
Video - CJ jumps off the ledge at Cummins Falls
Video - CJ's dare: To jump off Cummins Falls before 8am
Friday, 07/09/10 to Saturday, 07/10/10  (169 photos)Falls Creek Falls, TN with CJ
Video - Walking around the bottom of Falls Creek Falls, TN
Video - Underneath Falls Creek Falls, TN
Video - Piney Gorge Overlook, Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - Suspension bridge over Piney Creek at Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - Overlook from the Buzzard's Roost at Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - CJ finds an overhang to cook and rest out of the rain at Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - Hiking to the Piney Falls at Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - Swimming under Rockhouse Falls at Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - Swimming to Cane Falls at Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN
Video - Swimming under Cane Falls at Falls Creek Falls, TN
Thursday, 07/08/10  (61 photos)Stone Mountain Camping with CJ
Video - Adding gum to the gum tree at Stone Mountain, GA
Video - Our view of the campsite at Stone Mountain, GA
Video - CJ feeds the ducks at our campsite at Stone Mountain, GA
Video - Train and Coins at Stone Mountain, GA
Wednesday, 07/07/10 to Thursday, 07/08/10  (36 photos)To Atlanta and Hostel with Dad and CJ
Video - Using the Marta in Atlanta, GA
Monday, 07/05/10  (2 photos)Tires swing in the morning sunlight
Monday, 07/05/10  (13 photos)Kayak fishing with Ballpark and Matt at Little Jetties Park
Sunday, 07/04/10  (24 photos)Chickens, Eggs, Skinks and Walking the Dogs
Video - Cayman, Clover and Cusco walking in the backyard
Friday, 07/02/10 to Saturday, 07/03/10  (6 photos)Feed store, Ducks and Eggs
Sunday, 06/27/10  (20 photos)Fishing Simpsons Creek with Lissa and CJ
Saturday, 06/26/10  (140 photos)Swamp Thing Hash #16 (Bloody Z)
Video - Bloody Z does Chalk Talk on the Alphabet Hash
Video - First swamp crossing on the Alphabet Hash
Video - Hummus slides down the culvert
Video - Walking down the stream and staying on trail
Video - Swimming in the 6 inches of water
Video - 3D gets stuck in the mud
Video - Stuck in the mud at the Alphabet Hash
Video - Finding trail in the palm frons
Video - Trail along the fenceline at the Alphabet Hash
Video - Hummus comes down the hill loaded with a dog
Video - A little bit of good swamp
Video - Hummus and Cotton explore a fountain while off trail
Video - 3D plays with Unibanger's Hose
Thursday, 06/24/10  (9 photos)Garden Update and Ducks
Video - CJ holds an Indian Runner and chases her duck
Wednesday, 06/23/10  (11 photos)Family Date Night @ Moon River and Pool Afterwards w/ Mark, Lissa, CJ and Ariel
Video - CJ breaking at pool
Monday, 06/21/10  (5 photos)Indian Runner and Mallard Ducks
Video - Indian Runners and Mallards (and some chickens)
Sunday, 06/20/10  (17 photos)Father's Day Presents and Exploration with CJ at Turner Pond
Video - Finding Turner Pond on Heckscher Dr
Video - Cayman likes Hot Fudge Sundaes from McDonalds
Saturday, 06/19/10  (6 photos)Running in the Rain in the Backyard
Video - Mark, CJ, Cayman and Clover enjoying the rain
Video - CJ kicks some rain water
Saturday, 06/19/10  (5 photos)New Indian Runners and Mallard Ducks
Video - Our new Mallard and Indian Runners
Friday, 06/18/10  (20 photos)Date Night with Lissa and TV with the Dogs
Friday, 06/18/10  (11 photos)A Sunrise over Clapboard Creek (Chowder Teds)
Thursday, 06/17/10  (4 photos)Lunch with Dad
Sunday, 06/13/10  (30 photos)Blackberry Lake Swimming off of Starratt Road w/ CJ, Christa and Family
Video - Cayman swimming in the Starratt Lake
Saturday, 06/12/10  (11 photos)Making Blackberry and Blueberry Pie
Video - Making Blackberry Pie - Introduction
Video - Making Blackberry Pie - Part 2
Video - Making Blackberry Pie - Adding the Blackberries
Saturday, 06/12/10  (36 photos)Lake Swimming and Black Berry Picking
Video - Christa kicking up dust in her flipflops
Video - Exploring the Lake off of Starratt Road
Video - Christa squishes up blackberries to make stain
Saturday, 06/12/10  (53 photos)Hiking Little Talbot with CJ, Cayman and Clover
Friday, 06/11/10  (2 photos)Lunch with Christa on her last day of 8th Grade
Video - Christa's Green Hands at Lunch
Wednesday, 06/09/10  (1 photos)Date Night with CJ and Christa
Tuesday, 06/08/10  (3 photos)Morning Sunrise
Monday, 06/07/10  (5 photos)Garden Update
Monday, 06/07/10  (8 photos)CJ's 8th Grade Graduation
Video - CJ Walking up for her 8th Grade Graduation
Monday, 06/07/10  (8 photos)Cayman and Clover Playing
Video - Cayman and Clover chasing each other in the yard
Sunday, 06/06/10  (8 photos)Hard Rain is A-Gonna Fall
Video - Hard Rain Is A-Gonna Fall...
Saturday, 06/05/10  (13 photos)CJ and the Field Sprinklers
Video - CJ running around in the farm sprinklers
Thursday, 06/03/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Wednesday, 06/02/10  (6 photos)Watching TV with Cayman
Wednesday, 06/02/10  (4 photos)Garden Update
Tuesday, 06/01/10  (7 photos)Morning Mist Comparison Shots Between Canon SD940 and Sony TX5
Sunday, 05/30/10  (14 photos)Working on the Driveway
Video - Hacking away at the driveway for clearing
Video - Clover plays in the dirt
Video - Pulling the rock out of the ground
Saturday, 05/29/10  (20 photos)Rebuilding the Roof on the Shed
Video - Ants in the Shed
Wednesday, 05/26/10  (9 photos)Family Date Night at Sonic and a Movie
Tuesday, 05/25/10 to Thursday, 05/27/10  (20 photos)New Camera Sony DSC-TX5
Sunday, 05/23/10  (1 photos)Christa's New Cat: Cowgirl
Saturday, 05/22/10  (15 photos)Cave of the Winds with Chelsey, Matt & Landon
Thursday, 05/20/10  (12 photos)Chicken Soup, German Chocolate Cake and Landon
Video - Landon smiles and yawns
Video - Landon falls asleep on my knee
Wednesday, 05/19/10  (28 photos)Garden of the Gods with Chelsey & Landon
Video - Garden of the Gods View
Tuesday, 05/18/10  (12 photos)Scrabble, Tacos and Landon's Hiccups
Video - Landon has the hiccups
Monday, 05/17/10  (23 photos)Babysitting Landon
Video - Landon Yawns
Video - Landon enjoys the pacifier
Sunday, 05/16/10  (10 photos)Landon Takes a Bath
Video - Landon takes a bath
Sunday, 05/16/10  (48 photos)Chelsey & Matt at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Video - Chelsey pets the giraffe
Video - Bears at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Video - Feeding the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Saturday, 05/15/10  (25 photos)Arriving in Colorado Springs with Chelsey & Matt
Video - Little Landon
Sunday, 05/09/10  (42 photos)CJ and Christa visit Cyndi off of Faye Rd at the Lake
Video - Cypress and the girls do some swimming
Video - The girls swimming around in the pond
Video - Cayman runs around in the sand
Saturday, 05/08/10  (61 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with Mark, CJ, Christa & Kurstin
Thursday, 05/06/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Christa at Hunters
Wednesday, 05/05/10  (2 photos)Cayman Lounging at Work
Sunday, 05/02/10  (14 photos)Lissa's Birthday Present - Fishing with John Bottko
Video - A boat ride with John Bottko
Sunday, 05/02/10  (3 photos)Flounder for Dinner (from the fishing trip)
Sunday, 05/02/10  (1 photos)Cold Stone with Christa
Saturday, 05/01/10  (18 photos)Tree down in the Front Yard on top of the Water Pump Shed
Video - Christa does some chopping
Video - And the tree comes down
Wednesday, 04/28/10  (2 photos)Cayman Looking Sad in my Office
Monday, 04/26/10  (2 photos)Lunch with CJ
Friday, 04/23/10 to Sunday, 04/25/10  (98 photos)Seminole State Forest Camping with CJ, Christa, Cayman, Kurstin, Clover, Cypress and Jessica
Video - We've found the Wekiva River. Who's up for a swim?
Video - Sounds from across the Wekiva River
Video - Hunting Sharks Teeth at Shark's Tooth Springs
Tuesday, 04/20/10  (4 photos)Toyota Prius 2007 - The New Car
Sunday, 04/18/10  (7 photos)Palmetto Leave Park & a Brown Water Snake
Saturday, 04/17/10  (128 photos)Swamp Thing Hash #14 off of San Pablo Creek
Video - The shiggy begins
Video - On the way to the stream
Video - At the first stream
Video - Bobber bellyflops into the stream
Video - Pricker Bush Gets Wet
Video - Hot on Pricker's tail
Video - Oh my god, it's so deep!
Video - If you're not having fun, then F you
Saturday, 04/17/10  (2 photos)Christa at Chowder Teds
Monday, 04/12/10  (7 photos)Update of Cypress
Monday, 04/12/10  (1 photos)Spring Bloom in the Front Yard
Friday, 04/09/10 to Sunday, 04/11/10  (108 photos)Everglades and 10,000 Island Kayaking Trip with Randy and Peter
Video - Kayaking from Everglades City
Video - Kayaking through the 10,000 Islands
Video - Almost at Indian Key with Wind
Video - Randy paddles up to Indian Key
Video - Running off the birds of Indian Key
Video - Fishing on the Sailor's Choice Fishing Boat
Tuesday, 04/06/10  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Sunday, 04/04/10  (28 photos)Mandarin Park with Cyndi, CJ, Christa and Dogs
Sunday, 04/04/10  (5 photos)Easter Morning Flowers at the Armsdale House
Saturday, 04/03/10  (15 photos)Christa's 13th Birthday Party at San Mateo Park
Friday, 04/02/10 to Saturday, 04/03/10  (151 photos)Gold Head State Park Camping with Mark, CJ, Christa, Cayman and Friends
Video - Hiking to the primitive campsite
Video - Kurstin helps CJ set up the tent
Video - CJ takes Juliette down to the lake at Gold Head
Video - Hiking around Johnson's Lake at Gold Head State Park
Video - Christa dances at Gold Head
Video - Christa jumps in the creek at Gold Head
Video - 360 of Gold Head State Park Primitive and Big Lake Johnson (Canon SD940)
Thursday, 04/01/10  (24 photos)CJ, Kurstin & Clover in the Kiddie Pool
Wednesday, 03/31/10  (16 photos)Christa's 13th Birthday Lunch at Chick-Fil-A
Video - Christa shares wisdom on her 13th Birthday
Tuesday, 03/30/10 to Wednesday, 03/31/10  (3 photos)Cayman at my work
Sunday, 03/28/10  (11 photos)Hiking in the backyard with CJ, Kurstin, Cayman and Clover
Saturday, 03/27/10  (46 photos)Adventuring around with Lissa
Video - Lissa rides around on a horse
Video - Colored baby chickens
Friday, 03/26/10  (1 photos)Real Cucumber & Crabmeat Salad
Saturday, 03/20/10 to Monday, 03/22/10  (97 photos)Kayaking Coldwater Creek with Peter, Eric, Andre and Nick
Video - Coldwater Creek Start
Video - Andre is stuck under a log
Video - After a bridge at Coldwater Creek
Video - Nick, Andre and Eric hang the tent
Video - Andre does the Nestea Plunge in Coldwater Creek
Video - Campfire at Coldwater Creek
Video - Nick jumps on the fire
Video - Nick marches (dances) on trail
Video - Electrolyte Fire at ColdCreek
Video - Mark puts some fuel on the fire
Video - Andre puts some fuel on the fire
Sunday, 03/14/10  (4 photos)Visiting Cyndi at Mandarin Park with Cayman, Christa, Cypress and Bridgette
Sunday, 03/14/10  (24 photos)Hiking Big Talbot Island with Christa, Cayman, Cypress and Bridgette
Saturday, 03/13/10  (14 photos)Mark, CJ, Cayman and Clover hunting birds in the backyard
Video - Cayman running through the backyard swamp
Video - CJ goes and inspects part of the swamp
Video - I explain the hunt
Video - CJ hiking through the swamp on the hunt
Friday, 03/12/10  (4 photos)CJ wants to be Survivor Girl
Video - CJ drinks water from moss
Monday, 03/08/10 to Tuesday, 03/23/10  (56 photos)Cayman and Clover in the backyard
Sunday, 03/07/10  (30 photos)Hiking with CJ and Ariel and Little Talbot Island
Video - Cayman and Clover running around at Little Talbot Island
Video - CJ tries to grab a vine at Little Talbot Island
Saturday, 03/06/10  (1 photos)Dead bird outside the window
Thursday, 03/04/10  (6 photos)Hello to our new Ducks and Chickens
Thursday, 03/04/10  (5 photos)Bottle found in the backyard No 33 Bleach
Saturday, 02/27/10 to Sunday, 02/28/10  (86 photos)Camping w/ Little Tommy, CJ, Clover, Cayman & my Dad at Fort Clinch
Video - CJ chops wood with a hatchet
Video - Cayman runs down a hill at Fort Clinch
Video - Mark runs up and down a hill at Fort Clinch
Video - CJ runs down the hill
Video - Fort Clinch Soldier Talks to Visitor
Video - Walking down the stairs at Fort Clinch
Wednesday, 02/24/10 to Monday, 03/15/10  (15 photos)Building a Closet and Tiling the Master Bedroom
Monday, 02/15/10  (2 photos)CJ and Christa Visit with their Mom at Losco Park
Sunday, 02/14/10  (83 photos)Valentine's Day with Lissa, Ballpark & Anna at Osceola National Forest
Video - Ballpark shows us how to use a Deer Call
Video - Riding in the back of Ballpark's truck in Osceola National Forest
Video - Mark jumps off the top of a cat
Video - Lissa jumps off the John Deere
Saturday, 02/13/10  (12 photos)CJ and Christa's New Haircuts
Wednesday, 02/10/10  (16 photos)Dinner at Moon River (Thanks to Judy Matt)
Video - Playing Pool at the Perfect Rack
Saturday, 02/06/10  (10 photos)CJ and Christa visiting at the Park with Their Mom
Sunday, 01/31/10  (35 photos)Hiking Timucuan with CJ, Christa, Bridgette and Cayman
Video - CJ climbing a tree at Timucuan
Video - Crossing the Little St Johns River at Timucuan
Video - Brigitte finds a shark's tooth
Video - Cayman runs around Timucuan
Saturday, 01/30/10  (26 photos)Adventuring with Lissa, Ballpark and Anna
Sunday, 01/24/10  (3 photos)Fishing with Lissa and Cj at Simpsons Creek
Video - Fishing in the wind at Simpson's Creek
Saturday, 01/23/10  (2 photos)Weekend at Work (Reloading Venus)
Monday, 01/11/10 to Thursday, 01/14/10  (17 photos)Christa's Dog Cypress and Clover Playing
Video - Christa's dog Cypress playing with Clover
Sunday, 01/10/10  (9 photos)CJ's new Dog, Clover
Video - CJs new dog, Clover
Friday, 01/01/10 to Saturday, 01/02/10  (45 photos)Back to Roan Mountain and on to Boone, NC
Video - Cayman runs around in the snow
Video - CJ chases after Christa to throw a snowball
Video - CJ and Christa play in the snow
Video - Over the hill into the woods and snow
Video - Cayman tries to run in the softer snow
Video - The wind blows by at Carvers Gap
Video - Snow falling in Boone, NC
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