Friday, 12/30/11 to Monday, 01/02/12  (108 photos)NYC New Years Eve Ball Drop
Thursday, 12/29/11  (55 photos)Kings Park Psychiatric Center Exploration
Video - Looking around at the back of Building #93 at Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Video - Big Wheel Keeps on Turning at Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Video - Listening from outside Building #93 at Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Wednesday, 12/28/11 to Thursday, 12/29/11  (10 photos)Camping with Belly at Hardscrabble Wildlife Area
Tuesday, 12/27/11 to Wednesday, 12/28/11  (12 photos)Herkimer, NY
Monday, 12/26/11  (24 photos)Around Canada, Toronto and Ice Skating
Sunday, 12/25/11 to Monday, 12/26/11  (7 photos)Camping in Jordan Station, Canada on Christmas Day
Saturday, 12/24/11 to Tuesday, 12/27/11  (52 photos)Niagara Falls, Canada and Back
Friday, 12/23/11 to Saturday, 12/24/11  (18 photos)Jaguars vs Titans in Nashville, TN
Wednesday, 12/21/11 to Friday, 12/23/11  (14 photos)Christmas at Grandma Julia's
Tuesday, 12/20/11 to Thursday, 12/22/11  (48 photos)Kincora Hostel and Grayson Highlands State Park
Sunday, 12/18/11  (5 photos)Family Christmas Dinner at Peppers
Sunday, 12/18/11  (3 photos)Christa's Zero Degree Sleeping Bag
Saturday, 12/17/11  (5 photos)Waldo Flea Market with Lissa and Christa
Thursday, 12/15/11  (8 photos)Lunch with Dad at Markham's Deli
Friday, 12/09/11 to Sunday, 12/11/11  (101 photos)Princess Place Preserve with CJ and Christa
Video - CJ inches across the old bridge
Video - Cayman and Clover play around in the water at Princess Place Preserve
Video - Preparing dinner at Princess Place Preserve
Video - Listening to the rain at Princess Place Preserve in the tent
Sunday, 12/04/11  (70 photos)Tough Mudder 2011, Tampa
Video - National Anthem Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa
Video - Chernobyl Dip at Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa
Video - Water barrells Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa
Video - Turd's Nest Netting Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa
Video - Coming down off the Turd's Nest Netting Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa
Video - Running up the Half Pipe (Everest) at Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa
Video - Electroshock therapy at Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa v1
Video - Electroshock therapy at Tough Mudder 2011 Tampa v2
Thursday, 11/24/11 to Monday, 11/28/11  (151 photos)Thanksgiving Trip to NC and TN with CJ and Christa
Video - Looking Glass Falls, NC
Video - Black Balsam Knob View
Video - Starting a fire on the top of Black Balsam Knob
Video - Sunrise on Black Balsam Knob
Video - Hiking up from Skinny Dip Falls near Laurel Falls, TN
Video - Christa feeds the horses carrots
Video - Christa teases the horse with a carrot
Sunday, 11/20/11  (13 photos)Downtown Park at Sunset
Friday, 11/11/11 to Sunday, 11/13/11  (237 photos)Camping at Little Talbot Island with CJ, Christa and Kurstin
Video - Christa chops wood to start the fire
Video - Cooking breakfast at the campsite in the morning
Video - Christa and CJ climb on the supports of the Nassau Sound Bridge
Video - Sunrise on Little Talbot Island While Cayman Plays in the Water
Thursday, 11/10/11  (5 photos)Christa and Cyndi
Sunday, 11/06/11  (4 photos)Landon and a Lemon
Sunday, 11/06/11  (39 photos)Grandma Visits Landon and the Dog Park
Friday, 11/04/11  (4 photos)Date Night with Lissa at Nagasaki's
Friday, 11/04/11  (56 photos)Buck and Buck Point and European Street with Chelsey
Video - Hiking into Blunt Island with Chelsey
Video - Hiking out of Blunt Island and find the cactus
Wednesday, 11/02/11  (97 photos)Jacksonville Fair with Mark, Lissa, Chelsey, CJ and Christa
Video - First ride of the night
Video - Second ride of the night
Video - Third ride starts (Freak Out)
Video - Third ride of the night (Freak Out)
Video - Christa rides the Ferris Wheel
Video - Landon watches all the lights at the fair
Wednesday, 11/02/11  (12 photos)Chelsey and Landon Relaxing at the House
Video - Chelsey gives sitting dancing lessons
Wednesday, 10/26/11  (12 photos)Riding Bikes and Dinner with Christa
Wednesday, 10/26/11 to Tuesday, 11/01/11  (27 photos)Kayaking to Cumberland Island with CJ
Tuesday, 10/25/11  (3 photos)Moon River with Lissa, Christa, Chelsey and Landon
Monday, 10/24/11  (9 photos)Landon and Chelsey Visit
Video - Landon walks around the living room talking
Sunday, 10/23/11  (26 photos)Exploring School House Number 4 with CJ
Saturday, 10/22/11  (4 photos)Working on the Chicken Area with Lissa, Christa and McKenzie
Friday, 10/21/11  (2 photos)Lunch with CJ
Friday, 10/21/11  (4 photos)Date Night with Lissa (Sushi!)
Tuesday, 10/18/11  (8 photos)Treaty Oak, Skyway and Library with CJ
Sunday, 10/16/11  (17 photos)Riding Bikes at Atlantic Beach with Christa
Saturday, 10/15/11 to Sunday, 10/16/11  (54 photos)Camping Four Creeks State Forest and Gold Head State Park
Video - Caymand and CJ playing chase
Video - Watching the fire at Gold Head State Park
Video - Watching the sunrise at Gold Head State Park
Wednesday, 10/12/11  (9 photos)Hanging out with CJ
Video - Riding bikes on Little Talbot Island with CJ
Wednesday, 10/12/11  (2 photos)Dinner with CJ at Bonefish Grill
Tuesday, 10/11/11  (5 photos)Riding Bikes with Christa to WalMart (10 Miles)
Sunday, 10/09/11  (13 photos)Visiting with Cyndi, CJ and Christa at the River Walk
Sunday, 10/09/11  (2 photos)Hanging Siding on the New Shed
Friday, 10/07/11  (1 photos)Dinner with Lissa at Moon River
Thursday, 10/06/11  (2 photos)CJ at the Beach
Sunday, 10/02/11  (6 photos)Spending Time with CJ at Friendship Park
Saturday, 10/01/11  (1 photos)Dad at a Friend's
Saturday, 10/01/11  (1 photos)CJ in the morning with a Flower in her hair
Saturday, 10/01/11  (14 photos)Bike Ride with Christa to Black Berry Lake and Bud Plant (26 Miles)
Saturday, 10/01/11  (6 photos)After the Chicken Attack and Reinforcements
Friday, 09/30/11  (4 photos)Bike Ride with Christa (10 miles)
Wednesday, 09/28/11  (1 photos)Treehouse Find
Wednesday, 09/28/11  (4 photos)Mark's Back X-Rays
Wednesday, 09/28/11  (3 photos)Bike Riding with CJ
Tuesday, 09/27/11 to Wednesday, 09/28/11  (2 photos)Mark's New Bike from the Pawn Shop
Friday, 09/23/11 to Sunday, 09/25/11  (78 photos)Suwannee River and Torreya State Park Camping with CJ, Christa and McKenzie
Video - Christa and her karate fishing skills in the Suwannee River
Video - CJ show us her skills on the Suwannee River
Video - Apalachicola River at Rock Bluff Campsite at Torreya State Park
Thursday, 09/22/11  (1 photos)Breakfast with CJ at Donuts Etc on Main Street
Wednesday, 09/21/11  (6 photos)Flat Tire in the Prius and New Bike for CJ
Friday, 09/16/11 to Saturday, 09/17/11  (13 photos)Randy and I got to OneClip's House for Gaming Weekend
Wednesday, 09/14/11  (1 photos)Christa and her Chicken
Tuesday, 09/13/11  (4 photos)Cayman and his new toy
Thursday, 09/08/11 to Monday, 09/12/11  (206 photos)Illinois Trip to See Tyler with CJ
Video - Illinois Trip to See Tyler with CJ
Wednesday, 09/07/11  (4 photos)Lunch with CJ in her ROTC Uniform
Saturday, 09/03/11  (96 photos)Savannah Hash House Harrier Road Trip with Bobber
Video - In her face!
Video - Helping the virgins cross a stream
Wednesday, 08/31/11  (5 photos)Family Date Night at Moon River
Wednesday, 08/31/11  (1 photos)AdSpies Company Luncheon
Tuesday, 08/30/11  (1 photos)CJ Trying on her JROTC Uniform
Sunday, 08/28/11  (7 photos)Using the Cast Net with CJ
Saturday, 08/27/11  (4 photos)Playing Bingo with Lissa in Callahan
Friday, 08/26/11  (2 photos)Lunch with Dad at Quiznos
Tuesday, 08/16/11 to Saturday, 08/20/11  (235 photos)Road Trip w/ Christa to Virgin Falls, Ozone Falls, Cummins Falls & Little River Canyon, AL
Video - Cayman and Christa cross the Chattahoochee in Roswell, GA
Video - Looking around the bottom of Ozone Falls, TN
Video - Christa does a flip off of Cummins Falls
Video - Christa jumps in the Little River, AL
Video - Clover rolls in the dirt after giving her a bath in the Little...
Video - Sunrise at Crow Point, Little River Canyon, AL
Sunday, 08/14/11  (8 photos)Hanging out with Ballpark and Anna
Sunday, 08/14/11  (2 photos)Breakfast with Christa at McDonalds
Sunday, 08/14/11  (12 photos)Bivy and Sleeping Bag (Modular Sleep System)
Saturday, 08/13/11  (20 photos)Ichetucknee Springs with CJ, Christa and Kurstin
Saturday, 08/13/11  (7 photos)Bingo in Callahan with Lissa
Monday, 08/08/11  (4 photos)Chicken and Arugula Dinner and Poker with Lissa
Sunday, 08/07/11  (5 photos)New Grill from Walmart and Grilled Chicken for Dinner
Saturday, 08/06/11  (5 photos)Salmon and Arugula with Lissa
Thursday, 08/04/11  (11 photos)CJ's 17th Birthday Party
Wednesday, 08/03/11  (12 photos)Family Date Night at Orange Park Kennel Club
Saturday, 07/30/11  (19 photos)Swimming in the Pool and Cooking Pizza with Ballpark and Anna
Friday, 07/22/11 to Sunday, 07/24/11  (88 photos)Trout Fishing at Eastatoe Creek, SC with CJ, Christa and Kurstin
Video - Christa slides down the rock
Video - Jordan catches a fish by the cave at Eastatoe Creek
Video - Cayman waits for me at the end of the cave
Video - Step on through to the other side
Monday, 07/18/11  (13 photos)Running with the Dogs in the Back Yard
Sunday, 07/17/11  (29 photos)Friendship Park with Christa and Cyndi
Sunday, 07/17/11  (8 photos)Expanding the Chicken Area with Lissa
Saturday, 07/16/11  (7 photos)Moon River with Lissa and Christa
Saturday, 07/16/11  (21 photos)Cutting the Tree in the Front Yard
Friday, 07/15/11  (6 photos)Orange Park Kennel Club with Lissa, CJ and Christa
Thursday, 07/14/11  (21 photos)Rain storm at the house
Video - Walking from the treehouse to the backyard in the rain
Video - Watching the rain come down
Wednesday, 07/13/11  (2 photos)Lunch with Dad at Zaxby's
Saturday, 07/09/11  (50 photos)Tellico Plains and Driving Home
Friday, 07/08/11  (51 photos)Falls Creek Falls State Park with Jordan, Luther and Justin
Video - Justin jumps off of Cane Creek Falls
Video - Falls Creek Falls Falls
Thursday, 07/07/11  (34 photos)Elk River Falls with Grandma Julia and Crew
Video - Hiking across Elk River, NC
Wednesday, 07/06/11 to Thursday, 07/07/11  (130 photos)AT - Laurel Falls and the Kincora Hostel
Video - The private swimming hole on the way to Laurel Falls
Video - Luther, Justin and Jordan climbing on Laurel Falls, Hampton, TN
Tuesday, 07/05/11 to Wednesday, 07/06/11  (31 photos)Blue Hole Falls in Stoney Valley, TN with Jordan, Luther and Justin
Video - Luther plays the guitar
Video - Jordan jumps into the Blue Hole at Stoney Valley, TN
Sunday, 07/03/11 to Tuesday, 07/05/11  (62 photos)Savage Gulf Natural Area with Jordan, Luther and Justin
Saturday, 07/02/11 to Sunday, 07/03/11  (110 photos)Cummins Falls with Jordan, Luther and Justin
Video - Justin jumps into the Cummins River
Video - Luther gets under the water at Cummins Falls, TN
Video - Walking behind the falls at Cummins Falls, TN
Video - From behind the falls at Cummins Falls, TN
Friday, 07/01/11 to Tuesday, 07/05/11  (7 photos)Camping Supplies to Buy
Friday, 07/01/11  (6 photos)Camping Near Atlanta in the Chattahoochee
Thursday, 06/30/11 to Friday, 07/01/11  (4 photos)Camping at Dowling Park on the Suwannee River with CJ
Friday, 06/24/11  (19 photos)Peace River with Dad, CJ, Christa and Kurstin
Sunday, 06/19/11  (8 photos)Hanging Shelves in the New Shed
Saturday, 06/18/11  (20 photos)Fishing on the Nassau Sound Bridge
Friday, 06/17/11  (3 photos)Lissas Flowers
Thursday, 06/16/11 to Friday, 06/17/11  (12 photos)Tree Fell and Took Out the Power Line
Wednesday, 06/15/11  (5 photos)Snake in the Back Yard
Thursday, 06/09/11 to Sunday, 06/12/11  (182 photos)Kayaking Camping on the Suwannee River with CJ
Video - Turkey flies across the Suwannee River
Video - CJ worries about the sturgeons while on the Suwannee River
Video - Walking across the Suwannee River when it's low
Video - CJ takes a dip in a spring off the Suwannee River
Video - Mark swings on a rope swing in low water on the Suwannee River
Video - Passing some springs along the Suwannee River
Video - Swimming across the Suwannee River with dry bags
Video - Mark showing how to fish in the Suwannee Karate-like (don't even ask)
Video - Snapping turtle wants to swim in the Suwannee River
Saturday, 06/04/11 to Sunday, 06/05/11  (18 photos)Working on the New Shed and Trailer with Dad
Saturday, 06/04/11  (75 photos)Lissa Visits Shayna in Atlanta
Friday, 06/03/11  (39 photos)Photoshoot with Dad around North Jacksonville
Friday, 06/03/11  (19 photos)Christa's 8th Grade Prom
Sunday, 05/29/11 to Monday, 05/30/11  (43 photos)Memorial Weekend Trip at Midnight Hole Falls Smoky Mountains NC
Video - CJ and Kurstin swimming around at Midnight Hole, Smoky Mountains National Park, NC
Video - CJ does her morning dare of jumping off Midnight Hole Falls in the morning
Saturday, 05/28/11 to Sunday, 05/29/11  (79 photos)Memorial Weekend Trip to the Blue Hole, Stoney Valley, TN
Video - A look around the Blue Hole from the top in Stoney Valley, TN
Video - Lower part of the Blue Hole Trail at Stoney Valley, TN
Video - Top falls of the Blue Hole, Stoney Valley, TN
Friday, 05/27/11 to Monday, 05/30/11  (68 photos)Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Bald River Falls, Baby Falls at Tellico Plains, TN
Video - A look around from the top of Bald River Falls, Tellico Plains, TN
Video - Getting to the middle of Bald River Falls
Video - The girls hiking out of the middle of Bald River Falls
Video - CJ does a cannonball off the Cherohala Skyway
Video - CJ and Christa do the quarter challenge at the top of Bald River Falls
Tuesday, 05/24/11  (3 photos)Going to a Meeting with CJ
Saturday, 05/21/11  (4 photos)Working the Weekend at AdSpies with Cayman
Saturday, 05/21/11  (4 photos)Clothes Shopping with Lissa and Christa
Saturday, 05/21/11  (1 photos)CJ and Kurstin at the Beach with Navy Seals
Friday, 05/13/11 to Sunday, 05/15/11  (176 photos)Camping at Eastatoe Creek and Jones Gap with Randy and CJ
Video - Millipede crawls along a rock
Video - CJ catches her first river rainbow trout
Video - CJ navigates across a stream at Eastatoe Creek
Video - View of the Narrows at Eastatoe Creek
Video - Mark gets Randy's lure unstuck
Video - Jordan cleans her trout
Video - Randy fishing in the Eastatoe Creek
Video - Butterflies and creek off of Highway 11 in SC
Video - CJ finds a slug
Tuesday, 05/10/11  (6 photos)Lunch with CJ at First Coast High School
Sunday, 05/08/11  (3 photos)Mother's Day with Cyndi, CJ, Christa, Casi and Cari
Sunday, 05/08/11  (9 photos)Assassin Bug in the Yard
Saturday, 05/07/11  (53 photos)Ichetucknee with Lissa, CJ and Christa
Video - Tubing past a turtle on the Ichentucknee River
Video - Peaceful tubing on the Ichentucknee River
Monday, 05/02/11  (14 photos)Celebrating Lissa's 33rd Birthday at Peppers
Sunday, 05/01/11  (3 photos)Mexican Fiesta and my Salsa at the House
Saturday, 04/30/11  (3 photos)Hennessy Hammock Expedition with Zipper Arrives
Saturday, 04/30/11  (2 photos)Date Night with Lissa at Moon River
Saturday, 04/30/11  (1 photos)CJ and Kurstin with Makeup Masks On
Monday, 04/25/11  (3 photos)Family Date Night at Buffalos
Sunday, 04/24/11  (3 photos)Visiting with Cyndi at North Shore Park
Sunday, 04/24/11  (56 photos)Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, 04/23/11 to Sunday, 04/24/11  (48 photos)Exploring with the Girls in Leesburg
Video - Jordan goes swimming in a Leesburg Creek
Friday, 04/22/11  (12 photos)Building the Portable Chicken Shelter with Dad
Monday, 04/18/11 to Monday, 04/18/11  (13 photos)Family Date Night to Subway and Picking up our 10 new Chicks in Callahan
Sunday, 04/17/11  (2 photos)Crickets and a Green Leaf
Friday, 04/15/11 to Sunday, 04/17/11  (37 photos)Camping with the Girls and Salt Springs
Video - Turkey on the trail!
Saturday, 04/09/11  (82 photos)Girls Photo Shoot and Salt Springs
Saturday, 04/09/11  (48 photos)Camping at Torreya State Park with Luther, Matt and Group
Video - Justin Fails at a Belly Flop in the Apalachicola River Torreya State Park
Video - Justin's Belly Flop Take 2 at Apalachicola River Torreya State Park
Thursday, 04/07/11  (3 photos)Fossilz Camping Bowlz
Tuesday, 03/29/11 to Sunday, 04/03/11  (211 photos)Spring Break Camping Trip to Falls Creek Falls, Roan Mountain and Sumter NF
Video - Falls Creek Falls
Video - Hiking the trail from the Falls Creek Falls to the Nature Center
Video - A View of Cane Creek Falls and Rockhouse Falls
Video - Deer at Falls Creek Falls State Park
Video - Snowing on Christa's Birthday
Video - CJ runs across the cable bridge over Cane Creek
Video - The Girls climb down the Cable Trail at Falls Creek Falls State Park
Video - Singing Christa Happy Birthday for her 14th Birthday Party
Video - Snowing on Roan Mountain on April 1st
Video - Watching the snow fall on Roan Mountain
Video - Hiking the Cloud Trail on Roan Mountain in the Snow
Video - Losing my hat at Roan Mountain Bluff
Video - Hiking up Roan Mountain in the Fog and Snow
Video - How you camp even if the road is closed
Sunday, 03/27/11  (8 photos)Hiking with Dad at Four Creek State Forest
Saturday, 03/26/11  (6 photos)Kayak Fishing with Lissa at Simpson Creek
Friday, 03/25/11  (7 photos)Leroy Stops By for a Visit
Monday, 03/21/11 to Saturday, 03/26/11  (5 photos)Azalea Flower Bloom
Sunday, 03/20/11  (9 photos)Visitation with Cyndi at North Shore Park
Video - Cyndi and Christa throw a frisbee at North Shore Park
Thursday, 03/10/11 to Friday, 03/11/11  (3 photos)Cayman and Mark
Thursday, 03/03/11 to Sunday, 03/06/11  (145 photos)Kayaking Camping Trip to Cumberland Island with CJ and Keith
Video - Headed from Crooked River to Cumberland Sound
Video - Kayaking across to Cumberland Island with a bit of wind
Video - CJ chases the armadillo at Plum Orchard
Video - CJ climbing a tree and a look around Plum Orchard
Video - CJ is finding a way down after climbing an oak tree at Plum Orchard
Video - Sun goes down while heading to Brickhill Bluff
Video - CJ is the fire watcher
Video - Cumberland campfire in HD
Video - CJ and I head out to see the horses grazing
Sunday, 02/27/11  (2 photos)Fog in the morning
Saturday, 02/26/11  (12 photos)Tour of the Bud Plant with CJ
Sunday, 02/20/11  (7 photos)CJ finds a turtle in the backyard
Saturday, 02/19/11 to Monday, 02/28/11  (9 photos)Trailer is finally ready
Saturday, 02/19/11 to Saturday, 02/19/11  (7 photos)Hanging with Dad and fixing the Trailer
Thursday, 02/17/11  (8 photos)Lunch with Dad and his new dog
Monday, 02/14/11  (7 photos)Christa and I at Steak N Shake and Baking a Cake for Valentines Day
Sunday, 01/30/11  (13 photos)Out and About with the Family
Saturday, 01/29/11 to Sunday, 01/30/11  (65 photos)Camping at Little Talbot Island with Dad and Jessika
Friday, 01/21/11  (3 photos)Lunch with Dad
Friday, 01/21/11 to Sunday, 01/23/11  (72 photos)Camp Blanding Campout and Obstacle Course
Thursday, 01/20/11  (2 photos)Visiting CJ at TPC Village
Tuesday, 01/18/11  (6 photos)Dinner at European Street with Lissa and Christa
Tuesday, 01/11/11  (6 photos)Flat Tire on the Prius
Sunday, 01/09/11  (13 photos)Visiting CJ at TPC
Sunday, 01/09/11  (3 photos)Lissa's New 2005 VW Beetle
Lissa picked up a new car - a 2005 VW Beetle. Color? Mellow Yellow. :-)
Friday, 01/07/11  (2 photos)Ole with Christa and Lissa
Thursday, 01/06/11 to Wednesday, 01/12/11  (10 photos)Working with Exchange 2010 for the Weekend
Sunday, 01/02/11  (70 photos)Landon stops by for a visit
Video - Landon crawls around on the bed
Video - Landon plays with my camera on the bed
Video - Landon dances on the bed
Video - Landon dances in the living room to John Clarke
Video - Lissa feeds Landon
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