Sunday, 12/30/12  (28 photos)Hiking around Jacksonville (Ribault Monument & Ft Caroline)
Saturday, 12/29/12  (13 photos)Hike with the Cayman and Freckles on Little Talbot Island
Friday, 12/28/12  (7 photos)Dinner with Christa at Sticky Fingers
Tuesday, 12/25/12  (6 photos)Christmas Dinner with the Family
Friday, 12/21/12 to Monday, 12/24/12  (178 photos)Winter Trip to the Kincora Hostel, Laurel Falls and Grayson Highlands, VA
Saturday, 12/08/12 to Sunday, 12/09/12  (79 photos)Camping at Ralph Simmons State Forest with Lissa, Neil, Lukas and Brian
Thursday, 12/06/12  (6 photos)Lunch with CJ at Tropical Smoothie
Tuesday, 12/04/12  (3 photos)Dinner at Moon River with Christa
Saturday, 12/01/12 to Sunday, 12/02/12  (53 photos)Camping in Pisgah National Forest
Video - Black Balsam Knob in the morning mist of a cloud, Pisgah National Forest, NC
Sunday, 11/25/12  (3 photos)Poster Banner for Shayna of Gold Head State Park
Friday, 11/23/12  (4 photos)Hanging out with CJ at the St John's Town Center
Thursday, 11/22/12  (22 photos)Thanksgiving Day with CJ and Ariel
Thursday, 11/22/12  (5 photos)Hanging Up CJ's Christmas Tree
Sunday, 11/18/12  (10 photos)Dad, Little Tommy and Little Claudette
Saturday, 11/17/12 to Sunday, 11/18/12  (70 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Shayna, Lissa, Christa and Brian
Video - Looking around Gold Head State Park from Lake View Overlook
Video - Gold waiving in the wind of Gold Head State Park
Video - Christa, Lissa and Brian climbing an oak tree at Gold Head State Park
Monday, 11/12/12  (4 photos)CJ and Christa Have Lunch with me at LPSVCS
Sunday, 11/04/12  (16 photos)Sunset Under the Dames Point Bridge
Sunday, 11/04/12 to Monday, 11/05/12  (5 photos)CJ's New Car 1994 Lexus ES 300
Saturday, 11/03/12  (19 photos)Date Night with Lissa, Shayna and Christa
Friday, 11/02/12  (5 photos)CJ and Christa at the Jacksonville Fair
Thursday, 11/01/12  (10 photos)Christa and the Dogs in the Back Yard
Wednesday, 10/31/12  (4 photos)Sunrise from the BCBS Building
Tuesday, 10/30/12  (4 photos)Dinner at Moon River with Shayna
Sunday, 10/28/12  (159 photos)Tough Mudder 2012, NC-SC
Thursday, 10/25/12  (2 photos)Visiting Dad
Wednesday, 10/24/12  (3 photos)Snail Outside
Tuesday, 10/23/12  (18 photos)Chowder Ted's and McDonalds with Christa and Brian
Sunday, 10/21/12  (19 photos)Pumpkin Carving with Lissa, Shayna and Christa
Saturday, 10/20/12  (114 photos)Swamp Thing Hash #17
Video - The stream is better...
Video - Walking down the stream...
Video - That didn't work (Lissa tries to swing off a vine)
Video - Teamwork gets you out of AID's hole
Video - I want that tree ... (swamping)
Video - Look at that view!
Video - Swimming through the mud
Video - Failed cannon ball in the mud :-(
Video - Getting over the fence
Saturday, 10/20/12 to Sunday, 10/21/12  (80 photos)Camping at Hanna Park with Christa, Cayman and CJ
Video - Mark starting the fire at Hanna Park for comparison
Video - Christa makes a marshmallow roaster
Video - Christa showing how to do a 1 legged dog in yoga
Thursday, 10/18/12  (66 photos)Date Night with Christa on the Dames Point Bridge
Video - Hanging out at the top of the Dames Point bridge with Christa
Tuesday, 10/16/12  (29 photos)Run over the Dames Point Bridge (Sony RX100)
Saturday, 10/13/12  (17 photos)Scouting Trail with Cirque at Freedom Commerce
Video - Scouting Trail for Swamp Thing Hash #1
Video - Scouting trail for Swamp Thing Hash #2
Video - Scouting Trail for Swamp Thing Hash #3
Thursday, 10/11/12  (3 photos)Dinner at Moon River with Lissa
Thursday, 10/04/12  (3 photos)Bistro Aix Get Together for Rod Leaving
Wednesday, 10/03/12  (6 photos)Dinner with Larry and Julia at Crab Daddy's in St Simon's Island
Tuesday, 10/02/12  (9 photos)Sunset on the Power Lines
Sunday, 09/30/12  (13 photos)Hiking Ralph E Simmons State Forest with Lissa, Cayman and Freckles
Thursday, 09/27/12  (10 photos)Short Walk with Christa
Thursday, 09/27/12  (23 photos)Shopping with Christa and CJ
Tuesday, 09/25/12  (4 photos)Trailer Gets Welded by All Around Muffler
Tuesday, 09/25/12  (1 photos)Christa Ready for Buc Pride Day
Monday, 09/24/12  (1 photos)Christa and her Pillow and Red Hair
Sunday, 09/23/12  (22 photos)Exploring Suwannee River, Lake City with Lissa, Cayman and Freckles
Saturday, 09/22/12  (1 photos)Sunset on a Run
Saturday, 09/15/12  (10 photos)Small Road Trip with Lissa and Dogs
Tuesday, 09/11/12  (3 photos)HDR Sunset Over the Neighbor's House
Friday, 08/31/12 to Sunday, 09/02/12  (72 photos)Camping at Gold Head State Park with Dad and Lissa
Video - Hiking out to Lake Johnson at Gold Head State Park
Sunday, 08/19/12  (3 photos)Hiking with CJ at UNF Trails
Saturday, 08/18/12  (146 photos)Swamp Thing Hash #15 (Hares: Squirt & Tiger)
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 The First Fence
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 Shiggy and Slick's Ass
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 Deep in the Jungle...of Jacksonville
Video - wamp Thing Hash #15 Obstacle Course
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 You Will Get Wet
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 Cayman goes swimming
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 Cayman on My Shoulder
Video - Swamp Thing Hash #15 Cayman Rides on HIV's Shoulder
Saturday, 08/18/12  (16 photos)Hanging out with CJ at Lake Bethesda Park
Thursday, 08/16/12  (21 photos)4th Memorial of Charles South at Nassau Sound with CJ and Christa
Video - CJ and Christa release their lights at Nassau Sound
Video - Lights in the water off the Nassau Sound Bridge and Lightening in the background
Tuesday, 08/14/12  (11 photos)Riverside Market Dinner from Moon River with Lissa and Christa
Tuesday, 08/14/12  (57 photos)Hiking with Christa off of Southside and Beach Blvd
Video - Hiking with Christa in throught the cool water
Video - Hiking with Christa trying not to get bitten
Sunday, 08/12/12  (124 photos)CJ at Skydive Palatka
Video - CJ's Skydive Palatka Video
Saturday, 08/11/12  (13 photos)Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA with Lissa and Christa
Video - Riding the Boomerang at Wild Adventures
Video - Riding the Cheetah at Wild Adventures
Friday, 08/10/12  (14 photos)Mark & Christa's Faces
Thursday, 08/09/12  (5 photos)Incepture Dinner with Rod at Bistro Aix
Thursday, 08/09/12  (2 photos)CJ with her Lip Pierced
Saturday, 08/04/12  (27 photos)Ichetucknee with CJ and Kurstin
Tuesday, 07/31/12  (5 photos)Two Doors Down with CJ for Lunch
Sunday, 07/22/12  (2 photos)Christa Paints my Toenails
Saturday, 07/21/12  (17 photos)Dinner with CJ at JU at Low Tide
Saturday, 07/14/12 to Sunday, 07/15/12  (81 photos)Eastatoe Creek Trout Fishing with Lissa
Saturday, 07/07/12  (93 photos)Trip with Christa and CJ to NC and Deep Water Creek
Thursday, 07/05/12  (19 photos)Stone Mountain Laser Light Show with Christa and CJ
Sunday, 07/01/12  (4 photos)Hanging out with Christa for the Day
Tuesday, 06/26/12  (10 photos)Running in the Rain with Cayman (Tropical Storm Debbie)
Video - Running in the Rain with Cayman during Tropical Storm Debbie
Thursday, 06/21/12  (6 photos)Dog Track Date Night with Lissa
Video - Orange Park Kennel Club Race
Sunday, 06/17/12  (23 photos)Father's Day with CJ and Christa at Nassau Sound
Video - CJ and Christa Release a Balloon at Nassau Sound for Their Dad
Saturday, 06/16/12  (5 photos)Sunset on Nassau Sound and JEA Power Plant
Thursday, 06/14/12  (3 photos)Taco Night at the House with Christa, Lissa and Brian
Sunday, 06/03/12  (32 photos)Photo Shoot with Lissa Downtown
Video - Train at Downtown Jacksonville
Friday, 06/01/12  (1 photos)Tired Cayman
Friday, 06/01/12  (4 photos)Lunch with CJ Downtown
Monday, 05/21/12  (6 photos)Scouting Trail off of Philips Hwy and Southside Blvd
Sunday, 05/20/12  (6 photos)Stopping by to See Dad
Saturday, 05/19/12  (34 photos)Road Trip with Lissa to High Springs, FL
Sunday, 05/13/12  (2 photos)Mark, Lissa and Christa at 5 Guys
Saturday, 05/12/12  (17 photos)Gainesville with Luther and Justin
Video - Bats coming out of the Bat House in Gainesville, FL
Monday, 05/07/12  (2 photos)JU at Night
Sunday, 05/06/12  (2 photos)Time with Dad Fixing Some Piping
Saturday, 05/05/12  (53 photos)Road Trip with Lissa, Christa and Brian for Strawberries
Video - Christa and Brian Picking Strawberries in Engima, GA
Thursday, 05/03/12  (3 photos)Lissa's 34th Birthday Dinner at Peppers
Saturday, 04/28/12  (72 photos)Georgia Solo Road Trip
Video - Flowers on the side of the road in south Georgia
Friday, 04/20/12  (3 photos)Sunset near Tinsel Town
Friday, 04/20/12  (2 photos)Lunch with Dad
Monday, 04/16/12  (1 photos)Sunrise at First Coast High School
Monday, 04/16/12  (2 photos)Scouting Trail for the Hash
Saturday, 04/14/12  (7 photos)Exploring at JU
Friday, 04/13/12  (18 photos)Sunrise from the Main Street Bridge
Video - Sunrise from the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, FL
Thursday, 04/12/12  (25 photos)Moon River with Lissa, Christa and Brian
Tuesday, 04/10/12  (3 photos)Strawberries and Salmon and Arugula
Sunday, 04/08/12  (3 photos)Sunset at the House
Sunday, 04/08/12  (2 photos)Christa Makes Breakfast for Easter
Sunday, 04/08/12  (2 photos)Christa Makes an Ikea Meatball Dinner
Sunday, 04/08/12  (1 photos)At the Pool with CJ
Saturday, 04/07/12  (4 photos)Moon River with Lissa and Christa
Saturday, 04/07/12  (1 photos)Christa's New Dress
Thursday, 04/05/12  (12 photos)Walking in the Evening with Lissa and Christa
Wednesday, 04/04/12  (3 photos)Sleepy Cayman
Monday, 04/02/12  (3 photos)Tropical Smoothie with Christa
Monday, 04/02/12  (4 photos)Swimming at the Pool with CJ
Monday, 04/02/12  (3 photos)Dinner with Ballpark and Anna
Sunday, 04/01/12  (1 photos)Christa in her Bedroom
Saturday, 03/31/12  (72 photos)Christa's 15th Birthday Party
Monday, 03/26/12  (3 photos)Strawberries Blooming
Sunday, 03/25/12  (5 photos)Photos of CJ
Friday, 03/23/12 to Sunday, 03/25/12  (46 photos)Camping the Suwannee with CJ, Christa, Man and Brian
Wednesday, 03/21/12 to Thursday, 03/22/12  (52 photos)Camping at Juniper Springs with Christa and Brian
Monday, 03/19/12  (4 photos)Lissa Gets a Haircut
Sunday, 03/18/12  (3 photos)Skink Find While Cleaning the Kayaks
Saturday, 03/17/12  (19 photos)Jax Beach with CJ, Christa and Brian
Friday, 03/16/12  (18 photos)Christa's Military ROTC Ball with Brian
Thursday, 03/15/12  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Tuesday, 03/13/12  (4 photos)Spring Bees and Azaleas
Tuesday, 03/13/12  (2 photos)Family Dinner Night at Moon River
Saturday, 03/10/12  (3 photos)Baking a Cake
Friday, 03/09/12  (2 photos)Riding Bikes with Christa to Casi and Cari's House
Friday, 03/09/12  (3 photos)Freckles
Wednesday, 03/07/12 to Friday, 03/09/12  (2 photos)Lunch with Christa at Subway
Tuesday, 03/06/12 to Wednesday, 03/07/12  (91 photos)AT - Carver's Gap to Stan Murray Shelter with CJ (7 Miles)
Video - Finding a camping spot on Roan Mountain in the snow
Video - Hiking From Carvers Gap to Round Bald
Video - From Round Bald to Jane Bald on the AT
Video - From Jane Bald to Grassy Bald on the AT
Video - Jordan enjoying the overlook near Grassy Bald
Video - Hiking on the backside of Grassy Bald which blocks the wind on the AT
Video - Almost to the Stan Murray Shelter on the AT
Video - Finally making it to the Stan Murray Shelter on the AT
Video - Hiking down Jane Bald to Carver's Gap at Night
Thursday, 03/01/12 to Monday, 03/05/12  (34 photos)Kincora Hostel and Roan Mountain with CJ
Saturday, 02/25/12  (9 photos)Riding Bikes with CJ and Christa at Ponte Vedra Beach
Saturday, 02/25/12  (32 photos)Camping with Lissa, Cayman and Freckles at Jennings State Forest
Tuesday, 02/21/12  (25 photos)Christa visiting with Cyndi at Tallulah Park
Monday, 02/20/12  (1 photos)Christa and Pringles
Sunday, 02/19/12 to Monday, 02/20/12  (47 photos)Olustee Battlefield and Ocean Pond Camping with Dad and Tommy
Friday, 02/17/12 to Saturday, 02/18/12  (19 photos)Camping at Jennings State Forest with Dad and Little Tommy
Wednesday, 02/15/12  (9 photos)Night Photos at JU and the Beach
Monday, 02/13/12  (2 photos)CJ's Tulips at her Apartment
Sunday, 02/12/12  (5 photos)Freckles
Saturday, 02/11/12  (8 photos)Making Chicken Soup with Lissa
Saturday, 02/11/12  (54 photos)Dog Park with Lissa, Cayman, Clover and Freckles
Friday, 02/10/12  (6 photos)Big Talbot Island with Christa and CJ
Wednesday, 02/08/12  (4 photos)Back Yard with Cayman and Clover
Tuesday, 02/07/12  (2 photos)Lunch with Dad at Burger King
Tuesday, 02/07/12 to Wednesday, 02/08/12  (2 photos)CJ Comes over for Dinner
Tuesday, 02/07/12  (1 photos)Christa Driving Around
Sunday, 02/05/12  (1 photos)Lunch with Christa at Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Saturday, 02/04/12  (1 photos)LollaBudZoola T-Shirt
Saturday, 02/04/12  (1 photos)Christa with Her Curled Hair
Friday, 02/03/12  (28 photos)Scouting LollaBudZoola with Back Bedroom Bobber
Wednesday, 02/01/12  (1 photos)Breakfast with Christa at McDonalds
Monday, 01/30/12 to Tuesday, 01/31/12  (2 photos)Shands Hospital with CJ for Ariel
Saturday, 01/28/12  (9 photos)Train Tracks on Clark Street
Saturday, 01/28/12  (5 photos)Bingo with Lissa at Callahan
Friday, 01/27/12  (2 photos)Christa at CJ's Apartment for Dinner
Thursday, 01/26/12  (5 photos)Tison's Dunn Creek Cemetery with Christa
Wednesday, 01/25/12  (1 photos)Sunrise and Mist on the Power Lines
Wednesday, 01/25/12  (1 photos)Lunch with Christa at Chick-fil-A
Sunday, 01/22/12  (1 photos)Christa with her headphones
Saturday, 01/21/12 to Sunday, 01/22/12  (37 photos)Gold Head State Park with CJ, Cayman and Clover
Video - Walking on Lake Johnson at Gold Head State Park
Video - Walking around Big Lake Johnson at Gold Head State Park after controlled burns
Friday, 01/20/12  (3 photos)Dinner with CJ at Mexican
Friday, 01/20/12  (4 photos)Chamblin Bookmine with Lissa
Thursday, 01/19/12  (6 photos)Sunset at the Airport
Thursday, 01/19/12  (4 photos)CJ at Her Mom's
Wednesday, 01/18/12  (2 photos)Sunrise at the House
Wednesday, 01/18/12  (4 photos)Lissa and Freckles at Walmart
Tuesday, 01/17/12 to Wednesday, 01/18/12  (4 photos)Mark's Sprained Ankle
Monday, 01/16/12  (4 photos)Hanging out with Cyndi and Christa at CJ's Apartment
Sunday, 01/15/12  (7 photos)Exploring Arlington with Lissa
Saturday, 01/14/12  (2 photos)Freckles
Friday, 01/13/12  (4 photos)Mark and Lissa's 9th Anniversary at Pepper's and Dog Tags
Friday, 01/13/12  (1 photos)Lunch with Dad
Wednesday, 01/11/12  (1 photos)Family Date Night at Moon River
Tuesday, 01/10/12 to Saturday, 01/14/12  (15 photos)CJ and Ariel's New Apartment
Monday, 01/09/12  (3 photos)Pumpkin Hill Preserve with Lissa, Cayman, Clover and Freckle
Friday, 01/06/12  (1 photos)Lunch with CJ
Friday, 01/06/12  (6 photos)Cayman, Clover and Freckles in the Backyard
Monday, 12/19/11  (11 photos)Beginning of our Two Week Road Trip and REI (Pack Pillow)
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